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This item/feature has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"Why are we Trying to Kill the Pumpkinator again if we already did it?"


A tiny Pumpkinator that packs more tricks than treats. The Drone can be a mass-killing machine if not dealt with properly. Drops 20 obtainable tickets, which is equivalent to 40 spendable Tickets.

Background Story

The lack of home defence systems in the apocalypse has caused people to take more lethal precautions such as this tiny festive drone that was forced to protect stuff by the Pumpkinator.

Originally, the Pumpkinator was making an army of these things, but since he is dead, they have been re-purposed as weaponized Halloween ornaments.


  • Watch out for its miniguns that deal 35 damage per hit.
    • Same goes for its missiles that deal quite a lot of damage.
      • The missiles can reach from across the map; always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Kill the Drones fast.
    • They can become out of hand if not dealt quickly.
  • Teamwork is recommended in defeating the Drone.
    • A player can act as a distraction while the others can kill it.
  • Automatics such as the AK-47 and the P90 are good weapons to use against the Drone.
    • The M249 and Minigun may hinder your ability to dodge attacks.
    • Long ranged weapons such as the Winchester and Barrett 50 Cal. can be used as well, since you'll be out of the range of the Drone's attacks.


  • The Drone is similar to the Pumpkinator, attack and design-wse.
  • In-game, this is referred to as "Drone I".