"Double the fire, but sadly no burn."


Double Fire is an attachment that is used for the DB Shotgun.

Equipping this allows you to fire both barrels at once. No extra ammo is added to the shotgun reducing the amount of shots you can fire from 14 to 7. This gives you 1 shot to fire per reload instead of the 2 shots you can fire without it.

Background Story

The Double Fire attachment is a small modification that can be attached to any DB Shotgun to make it fire both barrels at once. It was created by L-Brain Sidework to give survivors a choice between a hard hitting weapon and an extremely hard hitting weapon.


  • A well-placed shot with this will instantly kill most people in Free For All with the exception of those that have Prestiged Up and are wearing a high health-giving armor such as the X-Mas Cape.
  • This isn't recommended on Party Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch or Gun Game because everybody can be suitably killed with one normal shot, saving another for somebody else.
  • With a well-aimed shot, most zombies, excluding the Brute, will be instantly killed with this attachment.
  • With this attachment, a reliable secondary, such as the Steyr M, is recommended due to the fact that a long reload takes place between each shot.


  • This is one of the few attachments that are not visible.
  • In 2016, Rockynic suggested this concept that piqued the curiosity of PlaceRebuilder.
  • The icon for Double Fire has the Duckhunt skin.
  • When released, the DB Shotgun used to show 2/6 ammo with the Double Fire equipped, but use both shots at the same time.
    • It was later changed to 1/6, possibly to make it easier to understand.

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