"Double the experience, double the speed!"


Double EXP is a Booster that can be purchased with Robux on R2DA. It's located on the left-hand side of the Store menu, under "Cash Shop". On Fridays, Double EXP is given to all players and lasts for the whole day.


  • This is very useful if you don't want to grind for Ranks for Weapons, Items, Armors, etc.
  • This lasts only for 1 hour upon purchase.
    • The time runs down only if you are in R2DA, it won't expire while you are gone.
  • You will waste your Robux if you buy Double EXP on Friday.
  • Contracts can no longer be doubled with Double EXP.


  • Double EXP is a returning feature from R2D.
  • PlaceRebuilder once speculated in 2016 that he may add a server boost Double EXP, where everyone on the server got Double EXP for 1 hour. However, this was not added.

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