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Doors are a common sight within the maps of R2DA. With a simple tap of the "F" key, the door swings open. For Tablet users, they simply walk up to the door, while for GamePads, they need to press the "B" button. Additionally, they are ZBreakable, which means only zombies can break them.

This list doesn't include non-operational doors besides the locked door seen in Foxriver Prison.


Variation Resistance Details
Wooden Door.png
7 hits Basic Door

This is the most common door in the game that can be used to slow down zombies.

In Halloween Bootcamp, it cannot be broken, neither can it be open by pressing "F", but if you choose the wrong door, it will instantly kill you.

7 hits Fancy Door

This is the just a remake of the Wooden door.

Can be found in Stud Harvest II, Outskirts, Buried Alive and Peach N' Spills Resort.

Renforced door.png
7 hits Prison Door

This can be found in more enclosed maps than the rest.

This can be found in Foxriver Prison, Sunny Seaside, Portland and No Mercy Hospital.

7 hits Strong Door

This can be found in more enclosed maps than the rest.

This variation can be found in S.S. Boliviar, Subway, Dead Plaza II, Outskirts and Portland.

Corrupted door.png
7 hits Prison Door (Old)

This was originally just a reskin of the wooden door that was made to just look tougher. Updates have since separated the two.

This could originally be found in just Foxriver Prison.

Corrupted door2.png
Invincible Locked Prison Door

This door is locked and cannot be opened or destroyed in any way possible.

This can only be found in Foxriver Prison as a door to a cell.

7 hits Glass Door

Found in certain places in New Bloxcoast II, it cracks when damaged. There are two visible stages of cracking.

12 hits (Fence)

7 hits (Door)

Fence Door

These are effectively stronger, constructible doors that can be placed using the Hammer.

While the fence itself has an HP bar, the door is independent and can be broken into. More information can be found here.

Invincible Keypad Door (Zero Kelvin Station, New Bloxcoast II and Portland)

This door cannot be destroyed, however, it can be opened by both survivors and zombies by touching the keypad next to it. In New Bloxcoast II, during Christmas, the keypads was multi-coloured, as opposed from white.

4-7 hits Keypad Door (Caved In)

Unlike the previous entry, this variation can be broken and remain open regardless of what is done.

By touching the keypad next to the door, the door opens, if you are a survivor.

The amount of hits required to break is random per player.

9 hits Safety Door

Found in spawn room in Subway and places around Outskirts.

~30 hits Priest Door

Found in the church in Buried Alive and only be destroyed in Campaign. You cannot open it and when it is destroyed, the game will end.

Invincible Victory Truck Container Door

Cannot be destroyed but can be opened by survivors and zombies upon click.

Invincible Airlock Door

Cannot be destroyed but can be opened by survivors and zombies upon touching the open button. Found in Casius Outpost.

20 hits Airlock Door

Can be destroyed and can be opened by survivors and zombies upon clicking one of the four control panels around the map. Each door is specified on the panel. Upon breaking, the door opens and remains open. Found in Outpost 21.

Invincible Garage Door

Cannot be destroyed but can be opened by survivors and zombies upon clicking the red button.


  • The Basic, Prison, Strong and Glass variations have three distinct visual stages when they are damaged.
    • For the Fence Door, green particles appear whenever it is damaged.
  • The Safety Door's design may be a reference to the saferoom doors in the Left 4 Dead franchise, R2D's main inspiration.
  • In the past, whenever a door was broken into, it had a habit to glitch out and lodge itself in the door frame.
  • Regardless of the door, except the keypad, airlock, garage or vehicle doors, it will always swing in conjunction with the direction the person is opening it in.
  • Prior to v1.4.0, Airlock Doors in Outpost 21 were invincible.
  • In Team Deathmatch, melees can break doors.
  • Doors can normally float on water, the ones that normally can be broken.