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District III

"This is not a special paradise, its just some town celebrating christmas."
―The grinch


District III is a large map that takes place in a fictional province called Paradise. This map is separated into three islands named Paradise Neighborhood, Diesel Island and Ghetto Street.

Background Story

Frosty town? Yes. This town was heaven for playing with snowballs... And going insane after needing to shovel so much snow. 

Even the apocalypse doesn't affect the weather, and after a long trek through the sunny province Los Paradise, the survivors suddenly found themselves in a town being smothered in snow: Paradise District III. Scientists never figured out what made this town so snowy in a province that's so warm. Sadly, the infected don't really care about the cold, but the survivors sure do, and found themselves itching to return back to sunny skies - that is until they spotted the zombies shambling into town.

The survivors were cold, but their hearts shall journey until the day they freeze.


Players spawn in Paradise Neighborhood, one of the three islands on this map. There are multiple industrious buildings and residential buildings on this island. There is a mountain to the north of the spawn and the entire map is surrounded by water. Icebergs stick out of the water, as well as rocks.

A half open bascule bridge links Paradise Neighborhood to Diesel Island, a power plant island. There are other ways to the island, including a series of icebergs. A broken bridge links this island to Ghetto Street, but this bridge is extremely risky as you cannot cross it safely without enough stamina.

The main way to Ghetto Street is a fallen windmill on Paradise Neighborhood. There is a venue stage on Ghetto Street as well as a series of icebergs to the ship, BS. Bollyrian.


  • With this being such a large map, mobility is key here.
    • The M939 and Van can be used to traverse an island, but they cannot be used when crossing islands due to the nature of the map.
    • The Rocket Sleigh and Toy Plane are quite useful when escaping hordes on this map.
      • There are many solid objects, so while the Toy Plane is more reliable, you have more of a chance of crashing and dying - find a safe spot to take off.
  • When crossing the islands, be sure to use a safe route as the water separating islands is lethal.
  • The Snowball does work on this map, and can be used as a renewable way to attack zombies.
  • There is a cabin on the mountains with a rope coming out of it.
    • You can walk on this rope and reach a small island or parts of the map.
      • It is not advised to camp on the island or the rope due to the fact it makes you vulnerable to Diggers and Brutes.
  • The Jetski can be a very useful mount as it can be used to ride the waters, traversing the islands safely.
  • Camping on the boat may be a good idea, since zombies can't easily get on you. However, they can easily swim towards you and climb onto the boat, via the Upgrade Climb.
    • Stay alert as the boat has only got 1 Ammo Station. Brutes, Swarmers, Diggers and Stalkers may also pose a huge threat on this boat.
    • The M2 Tripod may be useful in providing damage from the boat.
      • It doesn't last forever, so use your ammunition wisely.
  • As a zombie, you may find it hard to find any survivors.
    • If this is the case, you can use the Tag 'Em in the In-Game Store to find survivors.
  • Diggers cannot dig on this map.


  • District III is a remake of Paradise Neighborhood, a KOGAMA map created by Minininho02.
  • A neighborhood based on this map can be found in Suburbs.
  • This map took roughly 17 days to make.
  • District III features destructable environment.
    • Examples include the museum statue ball and right hand, the street name signs, the concrete pipes and the outdoor mountain.
  • District III was originally more dark.
  • The Christmas menu Soundtrack can be heard playing from one of the houses in the Paradise Neighborhood.
  • The ship, BS. Bollyrian, is based on M.S Antares and Platypus.
  • During the Christmas Event 2019, this was a regular map.
    • After the event, it was moved to greenlight.
  • The mountain area of Paradise Neighborhood is obviously a mini version of Snowy Roads.