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The Disruptor can only be bought in the In-Game Store.

Whenever it is bought, it is placed on the closest zombie spawn to the player who bought it. This prevents any mobs from spawning there until it's broken. It only needs to take 5 hits from any zombie for it to break.

Background Story

Survivors are usually troubled by zombies, who sometimes seem to appear out of thin air to endanger the areas they've set up to camp in. Noticing this, a research company conducted research into how zombies worked and using the findings, made the Disruptor.

Although it's small and fragile, it's still quite useful for those who remember that it exists. Keep the zombies away from survivors was a good saying people liked to live by.


  • Only one of these can be placed per person per round.
    • You cannot buy one if you aren't near a zombie spawn.
  • If you place these on all of the spawns, it will have no effect.
  • Use it wisely, as it only needs 5 hits from any zombie to destroy it.
    • A Brute can destroy this in 3 hits.
    • Ticker explosions cannot damage this.
  • The Disruptor is great for setting up camping spots.
    • Wherever it is placed down, it will allow Hammer users to build near the disabled zombie spawn.
  • It is completely useless in Void as there is only one spawn point, which changes every few seconds.
  • This can be used to prevent zombies spawning near Rescue Vehicles in Campaign and Rescue.
    • This is best used with other Disruptors as it could mean that zombies could be prevented from spawning in a large section of the map.
  • You must be close to be a zombie spawnpoint for the Disruptor to work.
  • With enough coordination, all zombie spawns but one can be blocked off, allowing a very easy camping experience.


  • While it is active, a small sonar beeping sound can be heard.
  • This cannot be bought in maps with no zombie spawns like Tutorial Island and Pumpkinator's Bootcamp.
    • An attempt to buy one will occur in the message "No Spawns" occuring.
  • If a disruptor is used on every spawn in the map, all disruptors will be cancelled and it will be as if none were used.

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