Here are the differences between R2DA and R2D, such as controls, features, etc.

The text in the left column represents R2D, and the right column represents R2DA.

Reason 2 Die Reason 2 Die Awakening
Touch to open supply boxes F to open supply boxes
Cannot run with weapon equipped Can run with weapon equipped
Shift to reload at ammo table R to reload at ammo table
Can change item ordering Cannot change item ordering
Ammo table with infinite reloads Ammo table with 4 reloads
No energy used on jumping Energy used on jumping (14)
Headshots deal the same damage as body shots Headshots deal double the damage compared to body shots
Shooting doors damage them Shooting doors does no damage
No zombie buying cooldown Zombie buying cooldown
Unable to aim down sights Aim down sights
Character animations Gun animations
No weapon attachments Weapon attachments
No weapon skins Weapon skins
Outdated anti-exploit system Filtering enabled, NoobBuster and updated anti-exploit system
Tanks cannot climb Brutes can climb
Tanks throw large pieces of rocks. Brutes throw explosive clubs.
Tanks cannot shield themselves. Brutes can shield themselves.
Tanks have the same walkspeed as a survivor. Brutes have 12 walkspeed.
Winners win cash Winners win XP and cash
Hammer is only used to build planks Hammer can build various structures and be used as a weapon
Bullets are raycasted, always Raycasted bullets can be disabled in VIP Servers
Mounts spawn by command Mounts spawn by pressing [M]
No swimming Swimming for a certain amount of time (some maps)
Joining community group gives a free grenade Joining community group gives +10 health
No option to call a moderator Option to call a moderator
Roblox default UI Custom UI
Permanent death Defibrillators are used to revive unconsicous survivors
Roblox meshes/CSG CSG/Custom Meshes
Pressing H will enable Cinematic mode (spectating only) Pressing C will enable Cinematic mode (spectating only)
No bullet ballistics Bullet ballistics with non-raycasted bullets
Unable to block CapsLock used to block
Random chance of being a zombie Queue to be a zombie
Rounds of 1 Rounds of 2
Range of throwable Items depending on how far you throw Range of throwable Items depending on how long you hold
Lord Pumpkin Boss 2014 Lord Pumpkin Jr. during 2016 and 2017
1M Visits Event No 1M Visits Event
No mod weapons on R2D Mod weapons on R2DA
No zombie upgrade Zombie upgrade on normal zombies only
Water is a huge baseplate that's coloured blue with sand texture Water is from smooth terrain.

(Except Shoot'em Up Town)

Can choose to be zombie before a round starts Cannot choose to be zombie before a round starts
Fixed Skybox Changeable skybox in some maps
No map loading bar Map loading bar
Some fires kill All fires kill
Leftover experience points are carried over to the new rank after rank up Experience points reset to 0% after level up, leftover experience points are not carried over to the new rank
Rank ups only happen when the round is over Rank ups can happen at any time when the player gets to 100% XP
Intermission is 30 seconds long Intermission is 40 seconds long
No anti-biased voting Anti-Biased voting system is in place
No 50% experience points and cash party share 50% experience points and cash Party share available
No limit on a maximum number of players in parties/groups The maximum number of players in parties/groups is determined by the VIP server owner, otherwise unlimited in regular servers
No fame system Fame system available
No party chat Party chat available
Flamethrower, RPG and Minigun can't be refilled All weapons [excluding Minigun] can be refilled. RPG can still be refilled, but only at one rocket at a time
Roblox Meshed weapons Custom Meshed weapons
No Damage Immunity for melees Damage Immunity for melees
Survivors aren't completely helpless when caught by some special infected (Smokers, Hunters) Survivors must be helped by other teammates when caught by some special infected (Edgars, Leapers)
Survivors fall apart when killed (standard Roblox death) Survivors ragdoll when killed
Survivors have to wait to respawn when killed Survivors can click a button to re-spawn when killed
Survivors can't choose to zombify when killed Survivors can pay $20 cash to zombify as a zombie when killed
Custom and Roblox-made Emotes Custom Emotes
Grenades, Pills etc. are shown on side Only Defibs and Medkits are shown
Pills can be glitched to grant normal health via the use of two pills Vitamins can be glitched to grant normal health via taking damage
No Defibrillators Has Defibrillators
Elemental transforms in an Ice Elemental Elemental transforms in an Elemental (Electric)
Cannot make a Tank stronger through any means Can make a Brute stronger as an Elemental (Electric)
Chat is on top left corner Chat is on bottom left corner
Music on the start & end of the round No music at the start & end at round
Blocky and simplistic map building standards Detailed map building standards
Explosions are standard Roblox explosions Explosions are realistic and custom made
Rescue Helicopter doesn't grant you immunity Rescue Helicopter grants you Immunity
Tinpot, Rambo Knife, and Chainsaw do not use stamina Tinpot, Rambo Knife, and Chainsaw use stamina
King Cake as year round boss

Chronos XI and King Cherrycake as year round bosses

Torch is an objective item on Buried Alive Torch is a melee weapon
Zombies cannot run Zombies can run using stamina
Elementals are transparent. [excluding hats] Elementals aren't transparent.
Elementals walk the same speed as survivors. Elementals walk faster than survivors.
You can "Rambo jump" by throwing it below you to jump higher. You can "Double Knife throw", but is extremely hard to do so.
Rambo Knife deals 50 damage. Rambo Knife deals 55 damage.
27 weapons 54 weapons
No ability to customize VIP server. Ability to customize VIP server.
17 playable zombie types (including glitched types) 8 playable zombie types
Rank cap of 29 Rank cap of 60

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