"The new Lucky Blocks Mod, now downloadable for version 1.4.6!"
―Mod Creator


The Dice, is a luck-based item, similar to the Healthcoin, that can be bought for 12 Tickets. It is six-sided item that can be rolled for various effects and rewards. Each face has a 1/6 chance to be rolled.

One face of the Dice has a 7 icon, which will heal everyone in the area to their maximum health. Another face has a red plus icon, which will heal everyone in the area by 50 HP. One face has a blue skull icon which will freeze all the enemies in a large radius. Another face will have an explosion icon, which will deal 210 explosive damage in a large radius. Finally, two faces have a gear icon which will spew out 3 Tickets out of the Dice.

Background Story

After the battle with the gigantic slot machine, one of the survivors picked up one of the hovering hooligans and modified it to become a luck-based item for the community to use. Whether it be freezing enemies, gaining tickets or just exploding, it was useful.


  • The exploding and freezing effect that the Dice can is effective for crowd control against hordes.
    • However, it is unlikely that the Dice will be used against the horde as only two faces are effective against enemies (1/3 chance).
  • You can heal yourself and nearby teammates if the dice lands on the 7 or plus icon (1/6 chance for both, 1/3 chance for health).
  • This is not an efficient way to farm Tickets, as you essentially lose 6 Tickets if you land on the gear icon (1/3 chance). The most efficient ways to farm Tickets are from Quests or Bosses.
    • Be aware that the Tickets spewed from the Dice can be collected by anyone.
  • While not required, the Flakvest can be used to nullify the explosion caused by the Dice.
    • However, you can also just run away if the Dice lands on the explosion icon.
  • You cannot be affected by the freeze if the Dice lands on the blue skull icon.


  • Despite sharing the name with the mob, the item and mob are completely different.
  • Strangely, you cannot use the Give Command to get more Dice.

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