Unlike in Reason 2 Die, where you respawned as zombie upon survivor death, players are now greeted with a new GUI. It is composed of two buttons: Zombify and Respawn. Players are notified when someone is down through a skull icon that pops up above their corpse (red if they have been revived once already).

The screen turns black and white when you die for added "realism".

If none of the below happens after 30 seconds, you automatically respawn as a zombie when applicable.


The Zombify feature instantly brings you back as a zombie at the exact spot you died at the cost of 20 cash. You will keep the vest you were wearing (if any), but it will not add extra HP, as you will regain a max HP of 500 upon zombifying.

You used to get +50 Cash by killing a zombified person, but this was removed.

This feature is disabled for Rapid Infection, Boss, and all PvP Gamemodes. If someone places a Tombstone down near your body, the option to Zombify is disabled as well.


The respawn feature instantly respawns you as a zombie and destroys your ragdoll.

This also happens if a Hammer user builds a Tombstone near your ragdoll.


You are not completely hopeless.

During the 30 second period, if neither Respawn or Zombify have been clicked, other players can bring you back from the dead using Defibrillators. The person who revives you gets 15$ and 75PP.

You only can be revived once.

At certain times, such as Boss Rounds, you can be revived to get back into the fight, but that's if the player is quick enough to run over to you, drop their Medkit if they have one, grab the Defibrillators, then revive you. If the player has a Jetpack, your most likely gonna be hopeless, as they have to use all their fuel to grab the Defibrillators. While in PvP modes, (Free For All, Party Deathmatch, etc.) you can be revived, but a few seconds later you'll be booted into Spectating Mode. If the person that revived you is an enemy, use those last few seconds to your advantage to kill them for payback.


  • A countdown now features on all downed players, on their skull, as of v1.0.3.
  • The Deathscreen uses ROBLOX's new shaders to get the black & white effect.
    • Before this, the standard colors were in place.
  • If you die while taking Vitamins, then zombify yourself, there's a small chance a glitch will occur, and you will get practically infinite health as a normal zombie. This is bannable.
  • Before v0.5.1, the Zombify button was named Revive but was later changed, as the term "Revive" would confuse newer players.
  • Rarely upon death, a bug can occur where none of your items will drop when you die.
    • This makes it impossible for someone to pick up your Defibrillators to revive you — loot your corpse even.
    • This bug usually happens with Leapers.