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Dead Vacation

"Hmm maybe I could have a vacation from killing all of these zombies, AND of course there are zombies there."


Dead Vacation name derived from the Left 4 Dead maps Dead Center, Dead Air is a map set at a resort lodge along a river captured by survivors to use as a refuge.

Background Story

You ever get those weird dreams where you suddenly see into the future for just a fleeting moment? I had a dream like that once. A vision into the future...where I visited the hellish past once again. Its like I never left.

You don't think much of it, probably just a bad dream at first. That is, unless it actually was a vision into the future. The chopper failed mid flight. The last thing I remembered was going down. Waking up we found everyone was miraculously alive. All seemed well until I saw exactly where we crash landed. They didn't think nothing of it, but I was probably going to have a panic attack. Why here? Why HERE of all places? We couldn't have crash landed at the pillow factory? This was the last place I wanted to crash land. And now...we were stuck here.

It took some doing but I was brought to my senses. All those traumatic memories came flooding back the moment the zombies appeared. Its like nothing changed. The boat was still there...the forts from last time were still up, its like the place wanted me to come back, whether I wanted to go back or not.

I only hoped that I could make it out one last time. Maybe then would my group understand the pain and trauma I went through.


Survivors spawn next to a crashed helicopter.

The map itself is a cutaway from any land, with mountains and a body of water separating it. A tunel can be spotted at right of the survivors spawn. A survivor can also find what appears to be a storage hut. Floodlights are dotted around the map. They can only be turned on once the generator is online.

On the lower level of this map, there is another wooden hut, with some fuel tanks, a small outhouse and the main resort house. The main resort house has three levels. The underground level contains a water garage. The next level, which can be accessed through the stairs, contains some bedrooms. The upper level contain a big room filled with boxes and bedrooms, and at hall some rooms and a living room.

Far away, you can see another forest island that you can reach but not touch it since it do not have collision.


  • Don't stay on the water for too long as it doesn't give you oxygen bubbles.
  • LP Hawkview is recommended since this map is pretty dark.
  • The Duck and Bunny are recomended for this map since this map feature high places like the resort house or the tunnel entrance.
  • Do not touch the crashed Helicopter fire, as it will burn you.
  • Pipebombs and Clockbombs are recomended for the rescue boat finale.