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Dead Plaza II

"PlaceRebuilder once said "we're survivors, not savages." Probably explains why we can't take anything from this place for some reason."


Dead Plaza II is a regular mall with a car park, shops, restaurant, a cinema etc. The only problem is that you are blocked in and can't get out.

Nobody said shopping was easy, especially when you lost your mum in the sea of Tickers and got yourself stuck in a traffic jam of zombie hordes.

Background Story

No one knows the boundaries of the SANI virus.

Finding its way into the main cities and downtown quickly, it spread like wildfire into populated areas like towns, harbours, and yes, shopping malls, the stereotypical place for survivors to scavenge for supplies. The tight design of the mall led to hundreds being infected, who remain there to this day, and throughout the past few years, there have been numerous stops by foolish groups in an attempt to seek refuge. Most never made it out, at least never made it out alive.

While you're here, be sure to stop by at the food court and get something for yourself. Killing zombies is hard work. But unless your team is willing to wait for your malicious cooking time and fight off endless streams of zombies, all you would get from your team is a slap to your face.


This map is a large section of a mall infested with zombies. It features many shops, restaurants, a mini-cinema and an underground car lot with a blocked entrance.

Survivors spawn at what is presumably the entrance of the mall. There are two floors. On the bottom floor, accessed via a pair of escalators, contains a cinema and a restaurant, as well as various miscellaneous shops. There are a flight of stairs to another shop to the next floor. It is a dead end, and you must break the glass if you want to exit quickly.

On the top floor, there are more shops and restaurants, as well as some vents, which can be used for camping. Further along, there is a car park, with the exit blocked by boulders.



  • Dead Plaza II is a 2015 map from R2D, remade.
  • Interestingly, this is the only map not to have a cash Round Reward due to the fact it doesn't have Survival, Campaign or Rescue as part of its gamemodes.
  • Easter Eggs include:
    • Store containing plushies of many famous R2DA players.
    • Several posters, including disconnected poster.
    • Several pictures, like WikiaColors's SPECTRE image and Rockynic's playing cards.
    • scott1333 helped come up with the name Reason 2 Buy Plaza you can see on the wall.
      • It used to be possible to give the plushies the Clockbomb during Hot Potato. But it was later patched.