"Made with mysterious materials from the depths of the Sun, behold; TRUE GLORY."


Daybreak is a mysterious exclusive skin restricted to BelowNatural and PlaceRebuilder. This was likely added by PlaceRebuilder due to BelowNatural's contribution to R2DA.

It paints the Spas-12 in a soft yellow. Along with this yellow, parts of the gun have been turned into neon yellow and gold.

A soft shade such as this can be associated with the sun, hence the name Daybreak. This yellow especially applies when the sun rises from the horizon, basking it in a warm glow.

Currently, only the Spas-12 has this skin.


  • This is the fifth exclusive skin in R2DA.
  • Daybreak is the second neon skin for R2DA, after the Pink Neon skin.

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