This item/feature has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

Damage Multipliers are mathematical advantages and disadvantages on how much damage you do depending on where you shoot and where you hit. While other forms of damage multipliers exist, the main damage multipliers came during v1.3.9. These added damage mark-ups (or mark-downs) depending on where you hit a survivor/zombie on the body. Detailed below is a schematic of the Body Damage Multipliers.


Body Part Damage Percent
Head 200%
Torso 100%
Legs 70%
Arms 50%
Other (Non-Humaniod NPCs) 100%


  • While 200% damage for headshots has existed since Pre-Demo, the other Body Damage Multipliers were added in v1.3.9.
    • Due to significant backlash from the community, it was subsequently removed in v1.4.0, except for the headshot bonus.
  • Some zombie accessories, like the Halloween 2019 Ticker's riot helmet, can block any expected headshot damage bonus as the shot isn't registered as a headshot.
  • Any NPC mob that is humanoid, such as the Golumn, were affected by the Body Damage Multipliers.
    • Non-Humanoid NPCs are not affected, such as the Cannon Cloud.
  • Other, less significant, forms of Damage Multipliers exist.
    • After v1.3.9, Random Multiplier Damage was added, a ±10% random damage percentage was added to all bullets.
      • After v1.4.0, this was changed to be just +10%, due to community backlash.
    • After v0.2.8, Dropoff Multiplier Damage was added; any damage from 75% of a weapon's range would decrease the damage of the bullet.
      • An example of this was the Glock 26 having decreased damage after 35 range (140*0.25).
      • Damage would drop linearly to 50% damage at maximum range of a weapon (For the Glock 26, this would virtually be at 140 range).

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