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This item is no longer obtainable.
There's no way to get this item in-game, but as long as you have it you should be fine.
There might be other ways to obtain this item, but it might not be ever available again.

"No, the six pack is not just there to 'look stupid'."


Crab Armor was an armor that was available during the Release Event.

The Crab Armor consists of a six-pack front-plate and crab shoulderpads. It has the same shade of red as King Crab, the boss of said event.

While it does supply a minuscule amount of HP, it does have the very helpful ability to resist radiation slightly.

Background Story

After frying up the crab meat from King Crab, the survivors finally had some downtime to assess the damage done to the beach. Needless to say, the collateral was very high. Besides the landscape being utterly destroyed, it was apparent that something needed to be done with all the smaller, normal dead crabs on the beach.

It's a good thing that glue exists.


  • This won't protect you from being blown up by Ticker tanks.
    • This will only protect you slightly from radiation caused by the Ticker.
  • Other than the small health increase and small radiation resistance, there is nothing special about this armor.


  • Radiation Resistance


  • Event Exclusive
  • No Extra Ammo
  • Low Health



  • v0.6.7
    • Price changed from 30T$ to 10T$.

  • This was the first event armor to be added to R2DA.
  • This is the only event armor to offer some radiation protection.