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"Is that you John Wayne? Is it me?"
―Pvt. J.T. "Joker" Davis


This is an animation attachment for the Peacemaker. This changes the idle positioning, shooting positioning, reload animation and equipping animation of the gun. There is no statistical increase if you have this attachment equipped.

Background Story

Not thinking that being a survivor with dual revolvers was cool enough, so somebody decided to make a killing to publish the official way to be a cowboy, it was met with positive reception!

But the question remains: why the hell does it cost $5,000 just to buy a manual that teaches you how to spin revolvers like Revolver Ocelot?

The Gunslinger strongly disagrees with the way the revolver is spun and promotes his or her own way.


  • Only buy this for the aesthetic purposes, since this does not affect the performance of the gun.
    • This does, however, take up less space on your screen when in first person mode.