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"Remember that golden skin for the M93R? It's back, except it's for some weird curvy knife that can climb stuff for some reason. Oh, and yeah, this time it's for PR only, so don't panic over the fear of the gulag."


Corsair is a one-off, premium Skin for the Karambit. This can be found in the Premium Skincrate. Prior to v1.3.5, this was a exclusive skin only be used by PlaceRebuilder & SWAGER21.

This skin turns the blade and the ring into gold. The blade itself now has a textured edge.


  • This was the third exclusive skin, with the first being the Construction for the M4A1 and the second being The Golden Skin for the M93R.
    • This was the oldest exclusive skin in-game as both the other skins have since been removed.
    • Since the Corsair is now a premium skin, Pink Neon is now the oldest exclusive skin.
  • Corsair's overall look is based on the Lore skin from CS:GO.