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Coconut Split Stadium

"Alright, you guys ready to rock?"


Coconut Splits Stadium is a tight and enclosed map. Gameplay mainly revolves around the concert stage in the centre of the map.

Background Story

It was a dark, rainy night in the city. The infestation of the SANI Virus had worsened ever since the appearance of "special" zombies. The remaining survivors of a once prosperous city had gathered up in a small concert, surrounded by the worst the virus had to offer. Leapers hopping about, Edgars shooting their tongues haphazardly and Elementals slowly burning doors to ashes. With little ammunition and food to spare, they had accepted the dreadful fate that was soon to come.

But alas, they heard the chance for survival, coming from the loud propellers of a nearby helicopter.

In order to escape from this hellscape, the survivors came up with a outlandish, risky plan. They must give themselves a lot of attention for the helicopter to notice, even if it means dealing with the zombie horde. With slight hesitation coming from their shivering breaths, they packed up with any item necessary, cocked their guns, and opened the door. Despite the enemies that await for them, it was now...or never.


Survivors spawn at stadium entrance, just before they enter the main concert hall.

At centre of the map there's a stage that can be activated during Campaign. In front of the stage, there's a seating stadia, a box that contain Fireboxes, two pieces of scaffolding (presumably for lights), four vending machines and a cracked wall that can be destroyed. The stage lights are activated, during Campaign, with the stage controls next to the seating stadia.

To the left of the stage there's a Forklift and another piece of scaffolding that can be used to get on top of the stage. This is also where the Helicopter lands during Campaign. On the right there's a tank, short towers and an alleyway that can bring you to one of the safehouses or to the perimeter of the stadium.

Around the perimeter of the map are a series of alleyways and entrances into the stadium. Within the stadium itself, there's a vast network of rooms and ventilation shafts that connect these rooms.

In the background of the map, it's possible to notice the Ferris Wheel that can be brought down and some towers that are from the Paradise City.

The map also appears to be flooded because of the rain.


  • There are many items around the map that can be picked up. Use this to your advantage!
  • Edgar and Leaper are extremely dangerous in this map due to the darkness.
  • Use the Torch to light up dark places in this map. Alternatively, you can equip the LP Hawkview.
    • If you don't have the Torch or LP Hawkview, you can press "X" to activate your flashlight.
  • This map is quite enclosed yet vertical.
    • The Duck Mount is recommended but the Toy Plane is not.
      • Be aware that flying too high up will cause you to crash due to the invisible roof of the map.
  • This map only has 4 Ammo Stations, so conserve ammunition.
  • The Forklift can be useful in blocking passages for zombies.


  • Third map based of a map from Left 4 Dead.
  • In early Debug, this map was known as Concert Hall.
  • There are many easter eggs around the map:
    • The Skull Riders are featured around the map as the main attraction of the map. They are based on The Midnight Riders, from Left 4 Dead 2 and Avenged Sevenfold.
    • Shooting the hole of the vending machines (that are lit up) will produce ENRGY drinks. Three spawn per machine.
    • There is a James Bond No Time to Die poster featuring WikiaColors.
  • This is the first map since R2D 2014 to have items lying around the map that can be picked up.
  • There is a driveable Forklift that can be driven around.
    • However, due to it's speed and the lack of space to drive it, the Forklift is not very useful.
  • Shooting the Ferris Wheel will cause it to be brought down and it will start to move in the background.
    • This is a reference to the Suburbs level from Twisted Metal: Black, which also features a Ferris Wheel that reacts in the same way when attacked.
  • If the fireworks show has started (in Campaign), the music Late Night - Rock can be heard.
  • After v1.4.5, you only had to fill up one Generator (as opposed to two) and you had to turn on stage lights for Campaign.
  • Originally the items lying around was supposed to be map decoration.
    • This was changed by PlaceRebuilder.
  • The pyrotechnics in this map cannot set zombies on fire, which it could do in Left 4 Dead 2.