Coastline Clash

"This island is bigger than the update it came out with"


Coastline Clash is large map with steep verticality, lethal water for survivors and a distant island only accessible by the Zipline Raft. Or a Jetski, if you got one.

This is set in the middle of the ocean, with rocks poking out of the water.

Background Story

"Conquer everything you find" - so-called British explorer. Alas, these fair isles were conquered, proudly owned by the British, because let's face it, they haven't let go of their desire to own rocky bits of land sticking out of the sea and claim it as theirs. Look at Rockall, for heaven's sake.

This deserted island hundreds of miles off the coast of Scotland had a sole purpose which was to safely direct cargo ships in the 18th century. As technology advanced, the lighthouse, and its island, were abandoned and fell into disrepair. 

Satellites and GPS don't work, so directing rescue vehicles to your location is extremely difficult in the apocalypse - making the distinct light of the lighthouse immediately catch the attention of a roaming group of survivors.

Sadly, they ignored the actual purpose of the lighthouse. The treacherous coastline, ignorance, and confusion led to the inevitable. Stranded. As the group regained their wits, they stared in horror at the lighthouse. The bulb was dimming, and then went dark for good.


  • This map is very large, so stay with your teammates. It is very easy to get isolated and picked off.
  • Don't drop the Lightbulb in Campaign, it will break and you will have to go back and get another one.
    • If a teammate is carrying the Lightbulb, stay with them as they are defenseless.
  • During the last phase of Campaign (waiting for the Fishing Boat to dock), the Splashy Washy is a very useful secondary to bring as it pushes zombies, such as the Digger away from the boat.
  • You can easily jump up on some parts of the cliff to reach the top instead of running all the way up.
  • Zombies can swim in the water but survivors cannot.
    • Be wary of this when camping on the island. Your only chance of escape is the Zipline Raft or a Jetski.


  • First map to have a water rating different depending who is the player.
    • It's lethal if you are playing as a survivor, but it's safe when you play as a zombie.
  • It can be concluded that this map takes place before Blox Harbor, due to the fact that the Fishing Boat has not crashed yet.
  • This map is also known for breaking and ending the Campaign prematurely.
    • It also does showcase an error in chat, while in Console, it doesn't show it up.

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