"It's "time" to alert a horde"


You can wind a Clockbomb for up to 10 seconds. Once dropped, this will start to ring and attract zombies. When the time runs out, the bomb will explode.

Clockbombs are also used by the Golumns.

Background Story

In the dream reality, these miniature versions of Chronos XI are used by the Golumns to incapacitate, kill and deter. In real life, they were reproduced by a small group of vendors who only accepted Tickets as a tool and as a way to determine just how widespread this dream was.

Soon, everyone knew what was going on, and finally, the dream no longer was an unpleasant surprise, but something everyone eventually had and prepared for. Some believe that this preparation could lead to their dream-selves winning for once.


  • However long you wind it for is however long the Clockbomb will ring.
    • In the case that you're feeling the heat and have one of these on hand, you can just click once to blow up everything around you.
  • You can consider this a variant of the Pipebomb.
    • However, even if the Clockbomb does do double the damage, it has half the range of a Pipebomb.
    • Unlike the latter, this can kill an Elemental. Don't worry if you've attracted both a Brute and an Elemental to it.
    • This also attracts zombies who have spawned after the Clockbomb has been set (or relocated), a noticeable difference between the two.
  • These are needed to blow up a certain wall in Chronos Chamber.
    • Remember, you can either click and hold or equip something else in your inventory to drop it.
  • Even after you placed it, you can still pick it up and move it to a new location.
  • An added bonus is that whoever placed it is the only person allowed to move it.
    • Be wary of that fuse! You don't want it to blow up in your hands while you're relocating it.
  • This item is really good for trolling your friends in Free For All.
  • There is a limit of 1 Clockbomb through the Give Command.
  • Beware of zombies that can trip or pin you. This will set off the Clockbomb depending how long you hold it.
  • The Clockbomb proves to be quite useful when escaping campaign/rescue maps as the bomb diverts attention from the transports.



  • v1.4.0
    • Rank changed from 0 to 5.

  • This is a miniature version of Chronos XI.
  • Attempting to bring this to Chronos Chamber will not work, and the Clockbomb will not be in your inventory.
  • This is the first item to cost Tickets to be rank-locked.

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