"Anyone else remember beating up a clock with a pillow as a kid? No?"
―Rolling Sphere


Chronos XI is a big laser-shooting, fireball summoning, bomb throwing clock with two large, floating hands that are capable of tearing apart the map.

It is found in the Chronos Dimension.

Background Story

Older survivors littered within the remaining pockets of humanity reminisce of a common youthful dream they had of beating up a giant clock with just pillows. Many assumed that it was just a metaphor for something, something about time being their greatest enemy in the apocalypse. However, after hearing the story repeatedly (entertainment is limited in the apocalypse after all), more and more survivors had a dream. They didn't tell each other, of course, as the dream remained childish, but eventually speaking of clocks became a rarity as everyone subconsciously avoided them. This was that dream.

A dream of a time got so powerful, he triumphs over all, with his unblinking expression, his large clock-like body, and the empty void within which he resides and rules. A time god so powerful, he seems like a Lovecraftian Elder God.

Time is ticking.

Your brethren fall, one by one.

There is no escape from the insanity. No words. Only actions.



  • Pay attention to the sound that plays when he uses his slam attack, its animation is short and can easily lead to a death.
  • Always move while you shoot! You can even jump on falling ground, but if caught off guard because you're standing still, your chances of survival are drastically lowered.
    • Watch out for trollers who like to put a propane right in front of your face while you're shooting. Moving makes it harder for the trollers.
    • Try and stay behind Chronos, but be ready as he turns very fast.
    • Sometimes Chronos will turn around and preform his Slam but instantly preform Spinning Bomb, failing to complete his animation. Be prepared for the ground to be destroyed by seemingly nothing.
    • There are NO weak spots on Chronos XI.
      • The hole is nothing but an aesthetic look.
  • Don't automatically shoot Chronos XI when you spawn, he will have a forcefield for the first couple seconds of the round starting.
    • The forcefield will disappear when Chronos XI uses his first Laser Storm attack.
  • Never stay near Chronos XI, the Laser Storm will kill you.
    • However, there is a rather small area where you can stand near him, and not get killed, while still being on his pedestal. But this is extremely hard to get right, and it's not recommended to do since Chronos XI can knock you off with his hands.
  • Third person mode increases surrounding awareness, remember to use it to your advantage!
  • When Chronos XI unleashes the Fire Storm, you can stand on the platform he is standing on.
    • After the Fire Storm attack, try to get off his platform right after the attack is over in case he uses the Laser Storm attack.
  • Chronos XI will throw classic sphere bombs around the map which break up the ground, run away as soon as you see him spinning around and holding the bombs!
    • You can stand on the platform Chronos XI is standing on during this attack.
    • Quickly get away from where the bombs will detonate, or else you'll fall into the void
      • The bombs will explode upon impact with the ground, meaning you have to be really careful.
        • Sometimes they will explode extremely close to Chronos XI, which means almost none of the platform will be destroyed.
      • The bombs will only break the ground though. You don't have to worry about the knockback.
      • The edge of the map is the safest place as the bombs will most likely not reach that far.
      • Bringing the Tactical II vest may come in handy as it gives extra stamina.
  • Bring automatic guns that can be refilled, especially M249 if you have it, and Steyr M as a secondary as the Minigun cannot be refilled, so you want a gun that is sustainable in the long run.
    • Only do this when the server is relatively inexperienced - experienced players will enable you to bring many Miniguns, ending the fight quickly before ammo runs out. Inexperienced players will lead to you running out of ammo before Chronos XI dying.
    • Wearing Tactical I or Bulldozer I is useful when you use an ammo draining gun, and there aren't any refill stations nearby. It allows you to shoot for longer.
    • You could save the Minigun when the boss reaches his rage mode, to finish the fight more easily.
    • You can also bring the Bandolier to get one extra belt for the minigun.
  • Whenever Chronos XI gets to very low health, he will crouch and then do a pink beam which heals him.
    • After he does this, he becomes much more aggressive and active.
    • Most of his moves will destroy usually destroy more than 75% of the map.
      • His Laser Beam attack will often lag the map, causing the blocks to randomly disappear a few seconds after the attack has ended. If you are damaged by the lasers, then chances are, the blocks under you will fall.
    • It is best to finish off Chronos XI at low health to avoid his rage mode by attacking at his Spinning Bomb move.
  • Trying to spawn and glitch the M939 Truck to keep it floating is KILLABLE, don't do it.
  • Chests are occasionally open easier if you go into first person view.
  • Chronos XI does not have Explosive Immunity, as confirmed by multiple videos and PR himself.
  • Chronos XI attacks are completely random. Remember that it doesn't matter if you shoot or not, he will still attack you.
  • The Laser Beam attack prior to rage mode will go from one direction to another and back.
    • When going back, the Laser travels farther than the first swipe, so keep that in mind.
  • The Jetpack will make the fight much easier due to the fact most his attacks are about falling into the void.
  • The Pumpkin Bot is recommended on this boss as it can allow for more damage when you have ran out of ammo.
    • Similarly, equipping the Duck Mount is highly recommended (even more so than the Pumpkin Bot, provided you have no shortage of ammo) as the jump ability can be used to easily traverse the highly destructible map.


  • Part of the Chronos Series.
  • Similar to King Cake, this is a general boss, available all year round.
    • This is the first general boss in R2DA, the second being King Cherrycake.
  • This boss is most likely a reference to ClockBaws from Pillow Fight Simulator.
  • This boss arena is currently the same size as Rhi-snow Territory.
  • The mesh of this boss is similar to that of the Clockbomb.
  • The root word "chrono" in "Chronos XI" simply means "relates to time", it also comes from the god of time "Chrono", or some respond to him as "Chronos, which explains the boss being a clock. "XI" is the Roman numeral for eleven, however, the reason of the use of the number eleven is currently unknown.
  • Like the Rhi-snow, this had a prolonged release to R2DA.
  • This is the first boss (since the Yeti) to have the ability to heal itself.
  • It is the first boss able to speak English, excluding Mr. Frost, the Christmas Event Boss from R2D 2014.
  • Chronos XI has a different health bar than the other bosses, excluding the Lord Pumpkin Jr. boss in 2017.
    • It's located at the bottom of your screen, and doesn't show exactly how much HP he has.
  • During Chronos' development, PlaceRebuilder put gears inside of him but in the final concept of Chronos, Place removed the gears.
  • The bombs that Chronos XI throws are similar to Roblox's Bomb Mesh.
    • The only difference is that its scaled to a much larger size.
  • Before v1.2.0, this boss was impossible to defeat due to NoobBuster x16.
  • This boss is most likely based off Papulatus from Maplestory.
  • This is the second boss not able to move around the arena it resides on, first being Lord Pumpkin Jr.



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