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"Thou shalt place your hope's on three individual's. The three must input the unknown cipher. 1 is truthful, the rest are erroneous. Solve this riddle and let fate guide your way."


Chronos Gate a puzzle and a battle arena that comes after the Chronos Chamber obby. It's filled with pads needed to open the gate, and what the gate holds inside are three Stone Golumns which upon death drops Keys needed to open the portal to the dimension of Chronos XI.

Background Story

No one knows the origin of the Golumns, the gate, and what precedes it. They know the Golumns are guarding Chronos, but for what reason? Why was this gate created to further impede those attempting to reach the clock?

Most think that the Golumns built it as one last try. Maybe they thought that no one would understand it - but strangely enough, a sign, a hint, was there for everyone to see.

No one knows why it's there, but the survivors are sure thankful for it, because they need to get inside the gate, they need to find out what's inside there, they need to, they have to, or else something will go wrong. They know.


A gate with XI on it. There are two columns beside it with red hands holding the columns. XI, in roman numerals, means 11. This could be related to Chronos XI. There look to be stairs/platforms leading up to it.

Inside is a nice hall with certain pillars and decorations with a Chronos XI statue at the end. There are three fork-shaped objects where the keys to go into the Chronos Dimension. Three chandeliers hang from the ceiling. Behind the survivors is a door.


Mobs: Stone Golumns, Golumns, and Wraiths (All Obstacle 5)

Continued from Chronos Chamber

  • Obstacle 4 - Code Steps - Complete the code by stepping on certain pads. You must have at least three players alive otherwise, you cannot get past this stage. You must have a Pad Key to step on the steps. The code is random.
  • Obstacle 5 - Stone Golumns - Defeat these and collect 3 Keys which will teleport to certain stands.
  • Obstacle 6 - The Jump - A portal will spawn in the middle of the room. You must jump in it to win.


  • 150$ (Completing Obstacle 4)
  • Unlocks Chronos Dimension for the Chronos XI boss.
  • 6 Fame, if you complete Obstacle 4 and you have the key.
    • No Fame is awarded if the keys have become free.
      • Keys will become free when the server states "Due to insufficient players, Keys are now Fame-Free."


  • The Stone Golumns are easily shredded by multiple Miniguns and M249s, so if possible bring one.
  • If you wish to assist your team against the annoying Wraiths, bring a Flamethrower or a Fire Extinguisher if you want to also use your main weapon.
  • To buy the Pad Key, you must have 5 Fame.
  • You must complete Chronos Chamber before reaching here.
  • Don't rush the puzzle, you'll most likely run out of time.
  • People can unkey you, making you lose Fame.
    • To unkey someone say "unkey [Username]".
      • Abuse of this system can result in a day-ban.


  • Note the Chronos Quest is not an event map, but for simplicity on the wikia, it is listed as one.
  • Part of the Chronos Series.
  • This comes after the Chronos Chamber obby.
  • When the Chronos Gate was released the Stone Golumns inside the gate were really buggy.
  • Originally, during Debug, if 6 players step on all the pads the gate will open but only if there are 6 players with the Key.
  • Whenever you get a combination wrong on Obstacle 4, the "XI" on top of the gate will light up red.