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Chronos Dimension

"You traveled so much time in space JUST to kill a clock?"
―Lord Pumpkin Jr.


Chronos Dimension is the boss arena map that comes after the Chronos Gate puzzle. This is the place where you finally try to defeat the mysterious and powerful clock known as Chronos XI.

This is where it all ends. This is where the cause of all the troubles are faced in this vast and timeless arena.

Background Story

A dream world perceived by many, began by a foolish tale of beating clocks with pillows. A dream world where giant clocks rule the "timeless" space. A dream world where Golumns guard the chamber with sheer power. A dream world where puzzles and obstacles are tricky, causing many to fall into madness and begin to turn on their fellow survivors. A dream world where stoic Stone Golumns guard the gates with fierce force.

Welcome to the Chronos' final puzzle, for you have passed the dangers of the gate to his treacherous realm. There is nowhere to hide anymore, and although it's all just a dream, perhaps this will be your biggest challenge yet.


The appearance of the Chronos Dimension is a large blue platform with different shadings of blue, in the middle of literally nowhere in the vast space. The platform that Chronos XI stands on cannot be destroyed. Ammo Stations spawn randomly on any surviving blocks but they may also be destroyed by Chronos XI.


  • The centre platform in which Chronos XI is on can't be destroyed.
    • However, it isn't advised to camp on it as Chronos XI can instakill anyone on it during Laser Storm
  • Blocks will regenerate eventually.
    • Block regeneration is boosted during rage mode. So if you excel at avoiding his attacks in rage, then perhaps you should try to push him into it, since many people would have died from the lack of block regeneration.
  • Ammo Stations will spawn on any block except those on the boss.
    • However, they can only reload twice.
    • Extra Ammo can only be refilled from two times here.
  • No matter how many times people say this, shooting him on his broken hole will not deal "extra damage".
  • You can't bring a Hammer to this map. It will be replaced with Vitamins.


  • Part of the Chronos Series.
  • The size of this place is likely the same size as the Rhi-snow Territory.
  • You cannot vote for this map; you must have completed Chronos Quest before preceding to this map.
  • The first map to use a differently meshed ammo box.
  • This map has now been renamed "Chronos XI".