"If another baconhead gets one, I'm going to die."


This special chest can only be found in the Chronos Dimension. It appears alongside Regular Chests upon the death of Chronos XI.

Background Story

Initially, those who found themselves fighting a giant clock found their dream-selves disappointed with the rewards - obviously, their subconscious had pulled from previous experiences, only granting Cash and Items.

One survivor, however, woke up and pulled blueprints towards him, immediately drawing up a schematic for a complex, virtually impossible to understand piece of machinery - except for the survivor himself. He built it, applied it to his Axe, and to the shock of his brethren, had somehow created a flame.

More and more survivors began creating their own, and one finally revealed the secret.

All you had to do to understand was to look into a purple chest.


  • Try not to be in the middle of where chests spawn, so you can grab the Chronos Chest without being interrupted by a Regular Chest spawning on top of you.
    • Use the Jetpack to fly upward for a good view of the arena, allowing you to identify the chest.
  • You will not be rewarded with the Flame Attachment if you do not have the Axe.


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