"So, is this like the first or second level of inception?"


Basically it is an obby that is full of traps, puzzles, and Golumns guarding the main entrance.

Background Story

After weeks of attempting to ignore their dreams of a gigantic, super powered clock, group discussion could not be avoided. Survivors everywhere came to conclude that a certain dream almost always precedes the former.

Here, they climb a giant tower. Some fail, some ... sort of succeed. Almost everyone attempts, though. They say that something's pulling them towards the top. They have to go there. They have to find out what's up there - and then they wake up.

Although it's definite that there's a link between this and Chronos XI, some people dispute this. Some say they have the Chronos dream without having this one, but they're usually just observing, sitting in the background.


Mob: Golumn (Obstacle 2), Wraith (Random)

Obstacle 1 - Button code - Press 2 out of the 4 buttons to open the doors. The code is random. You must have the Pad Key to step on the buttons.

Obstacle 2 - Golumn & Floating Blocks - Fight these Golumns. The Golumns may drop Clockbombs. Use the bombs to blow the wall. The golumns will continue to respawn until someone presses the button. The floating bricks are relatively simple, you just need to jump to the button to activate the main brick.

Obstacle 3 - The Great Wall - Traverse the wall but be careful of moving blocks, although the ladders are fairly easy to traverse in first person. You may use the karambit to climb the wall.

Continues into Chronos Gate


  • $50 (Completing Obstacle 1)
  • $75 (Completing Obstacle 2)
  • Various amounts of EXP.
    • EXP decided on how long it took to win. The longer it takes, the more EXP you earn.
  • Unlocks the Chronos Dimension for the Chronos XI boss.
  • 6 Fame in total.
    • Changes to 1 Fame if the keys have become free.
      • Keys will become free when the server states "Due to insufficient players, Keys are now Fame-Free."


  • This may be obvious, but cooperate with your teammates if you have the Key. Listen to what others tell you to do, and be wary of the time limit.
  • Try not to fall off the map - leads to some embarrassing deaths as once demonstrated by PlaceRebuilder.
  • Read the signs - they may help you!
  • Avoid clockbombs - it will cause massive amounts of collateral damage if not noticed.
  • Watch out for the obstacles when climbing the Chronos Tower, as they can knock you down back to the start.
  • Hammer and Clockbomb are banned in this map, so don't bring them in or you will lose some money/tickets.
  • Try to utilise the Karambit in this map since it's climb ability makes it easy to get to the top with very little effort.
  • People can unkey you, making you lose your Fame.
    • To unkey someone say 'unkey {Username}'.
      • Abuse of this system can result in a kick from the server.
  • Remember, the Pumpkin Pie isn't banned here, so be careful of trolls.
    • Be especially careful if you are the one to press the button to activate the moving platform at obstacle two.
  • At the start of the course or at the gate, if you have enough Fame (5), buy the Pad Key, so you are able to unlock Chronos Gate.
    • If you have the key, the Key symbol will be above your head.
  • Terrain near the spawnpoint can be destroyed by Clockbombs.
    • The terrain only respawns at around 1:00-2:00 into the round. After that, the terrain remains destroyed until the round is over.


  • Part of the Chronos Series.
  • Doesn't have infinite stamina, unlike the Halloween Bootcamp.
  • Chronos Gate level is after this course.
  • Originally, Obstacle 2 awarded 200$ during Debug.
  • Note the Chronos Quest is not an event map but for proposes on the Wikia, it is listed as one.
  • Called "Chronos Quest" after Debug.
    • Original name for this map was "Chronos Chamber [Chronos Quest]".
  • During Debug, you were able to kill your teammates with the Clockbombs of the Golumn.

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