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"I'm not scared of Chronos XI but a warhead dressed up like him coming towards me at the speed of 295 meters per second is a different story."


Chronos is a minor skin series that can only be found in the Chronos Chest.

This skin features a colour palette of red and yellow, with the handle of this weapon grey and blue. The warhead of the RPG and the missiles of the Tri-Blaster have two green eyes and a yellow point, a clear reference to Chronos XI, hence the name Chronos.


  • The rocket trail is a saturated deep purple for the RPG to symbolise the Chronos Chest and the skybox Purple Nebula in Chronos Dimension.
  • First skin to be based on a boss.
  • First skin to be obtained from a boss chest.
    • Each skin is individually obtained from the Chronos Chest (so you are required to get the chest twice to get both skins).
    • Prior to v1.4.4, you could obtain Chronos from Premium Skincrates.
  • This is the first common skin (not exclusive or event) to change a weapon mesh. This record is shared with the Cartoon and Autotronic for the Rambo Knife.
    • This is the fourth skin overall to change the weapon mesh.
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RPG Tri-Blaster

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