"Silent night, speed of light, skins deluxe, buy robux."


Christmas is a limited-edition set made for, unsurprisingly, Christmas. They cannot be found in normal Skincrates. You can only receive these within limited edition skincrates, the Christmas Skincrate. It mainly features the colours red, green, gold and white. They also have other decorations such as misletoe and bells.

The Christmas Spear is different; it has a dead Punk Fish on it as its skin.


  • Third skin to change the model of a weapon.
  • Fourth event skin and second Christmas skin overrall.
  • First skin to change the firing sounds of weapons.
  • Named "Merry Christmas" in-game.
  • ADS'ing with the AK-47 is problematic due to the Christmas Hat being in the way.
Barret - Christmas Shotty Christmas Uzi - Christmas Steyr M - Christmas Shovel - Christmas XmasTinpoot
Barrett 50 Cal. Shotty 12 Mini Uzis Steyr M Shovel Tinpot
Chriscar 47 ChristmasRambo2 ChristmasDb2 ChristmasRemigtono M249 - Christmas 69a24ac8a03c892b9a15d51653fc46d6
AK-47 Rambo Knife DB Shotgun Remington 700 M249 Christmas Spear

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