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"What makes me a good zombie killer? If I were a bad zombie killer, I WOULDN'T BE SITTIN' HERE, discussin' it with you now would I?"
―Chinalake M32


The Chinalake is a returning weapon from R2D 2014. It serves as a crowd control type weapon. It's unique from all the other explosive weapons with its pump action ability, being able to dispense Grenades with ease. It can be considered a mix of the M202 and RPG.

Background Story

One of the few rules in the Sinister Arms Inc. Scavenger division is to not look around old or familiar places. Any incident or area in the past that survivors have been through are marked as no-go zones, almost always because of the high infected rate that comes with them.

Driving past an old research facility, one of the survivors in the scavenging team had a strange feeling of déjà vu. A facility he remembered being trapped in with roughly 19 other people, all of which were dying of the infection. He couldn't remember how they ended up in the predicament but could strongly recall how they frantically scoured the lab for samples to test in the facility's machinery. The longer they searched, the more the infected horde from outside was slowly breaking their way inside, Crawlers bursting out of vents, Hunters and Smokers crashing through windows, the survivor remembers it so vividly. Which is why he felt the need to check it out.

"Hey, stop by that building over there!" he called out to the driver.

"It's not marked on the map... is it safe?" a passenger asked, to which the survivor responded with an unconfident "I don't know."

It took some convincing, but eventually the team parked outside. There was little to no sign of infected anywhere, the place was as dead as the decayed bodies that littered the area. The inside was no different, dead infected filled the hallways and rooms. But there was one particular area that was... interesting. A room with two large machines, with vats large enough to stand in. The survivor had a rush of memories, wow! He thought, these were the machines that cured us!... Too bad it was temporary.

He looked around and absorbed the intense rush of memories... which drowned out with the sounds of KABOOM -clckhck- KABOOM. The leader of the survivors, of course, the hero that gave his life to keep the horde back while the rest lined up at the machines. The survivor wondered... and wandered. He looked around for the leader's remains, following a trail of weathered explosion marks and blasted zombie pieces. In an upstairs office, he found a hulking corpse of a Tank, a rare find in itself, but noticed a skeletal hand peeking from under it. The Survivor checked the other side of the body... in the other bony hand was the telltale sign of the Leader.

His weapon, the Chinalake. Damaged from his blaze of glory, but certainly not broken.


  • Explosive
  • Very High Damage
  • High Total Damage
  • Quick Reload


  • Expensive
  • Low Magazine Ammo
  • Firing Arc
  • No Attachments


  • Bringing a Flakvest might be a good idea, as it will grant you 3 extra grenades (this also applies to special ammo).
    • Other armors that grant ammunition, such as the Bulldozer II, will also grant extra grenades.
  • This weapon can instantly kill most infecteds, except for the Brute or Skull Champions.
    • This is best used on hordes of zombies.
    • This is not effective on champions, such as the Skull Champion, due to the amount of grenades required to defeat it.
  • In small maps, such as Outpost 21, try not to fire too closely to the floors.
    • Due to the arc of the grenades, it may hit the roof in enclosed maps.
  • Special ammunition can help you defeat hordes.
  • Jumping before firing greatly increases the range of your grenades.
  • You can combo the Chinalake with the M202 or RPG for extra explosive damage.
  • Do not waste your grenades on a Normal Zombie, as you only get a minimum of 6 before you need to reload. Bringing a reliable secondary, such as the Steyr M or the M93R is a good idea.
  • Due to the pump-action of the Chinalake, reload whenever you can to save time.
  • The higher you aim, the further the grenade will go.
  • Five shots will do a total of 2,500 damage, killing a full health Normal Brute.
  • This deals 3,000 total damage, making this an ideal weapon for bosses.
    • With the Flakvest, this can deal up to 4,500 total damage, as much as the RPG.
  • Although it's a primary, it can do more damage than the RPG over time.
    • 1 reload from an Ammo Station will do 3,000 damage if the grenades are all used. The RPG, on the other hand, can only reload one rocket per reload from an Ammo Station, dealing only 1,500 damage.



  • v1.4.6
    • Rank changed from 25 to 30.
  • v1.4.8
    • Animations changed.

  • The Chinalake might be inspired by Payday 2's Chinapuff 40mm
  • The Chinalake was a suggestion originally created by GoSinister, ignys, LITTLEROBBY11, Tsukuyomi_141, Nekoparaiten and Scrufus.
    • At over 300+ kudos, the Chinalake has become the most kudo'd thread on the Wikia, surpassing even the Winchester.
  • In real-life, the Chinalake is formally known as the China Lake Grenade Launcher. It was developed and manufactured in the United States in limited numbers around 1968 and issued to the United States Navy SEALs and field-tested during the Vietnam War.
    • Although it proved to be effective, only 50 original China Lake Grenade Launchers were ever developed. 4 copies of the original 50 are known to exist, while modern-day variants of the China Lake have been manufactured by other companies as part of a US defence contract from 2007 to 2009.
  • Returning weapon from R2D 2014.
  • This is the second explosive weapon allowed in PvP gamemodes, the first being the X-Mas Launcher.
  • This is the first primary weapon to fire explosives without using an ammunition type.
  • Even though the Chinalake has sights, they're unable to be used.
  • The Chinalake's New Animations look to seem based off Payday 2's animations .  As the character checks for the shell to be ejected, just like in R2DA.