"Once a tree-chopping tool, now it's ready to kill Survivors and Zombies along with it being extremely powerful."


Essentially being an upgraded Axe, the Chainsaw is a melee weapon in R2DA that will guarantee a longer survival for you and your teammates, granting you the ability to decimate hordes with just a few swings doing 145 damage per hit on 5 zombies. Now that's a lot of damage!

Background Story

It's a feeling you can't resist. A gun might serve you well in an apocalypse, and your melee weapons couldn't even compare to them. But this certain one, it could compare to them. Even the M249, the best of the bunch, was on par with this. What was it that made it so good? Was it the fact that it could tear through a zombie in a mere second? Or was it the serrated edges?

But perhaps, it isn't any of those. Because R-Brain Hardwork's genius engineering gave us the power we needed. Some survivors spew about a certain brand of tape while yelling, "Thats alot of damage!"

Buy the Chainsaw now! (Does not guarantee your safety of possibly cutting yourself).


  • Stats-wise, this is a direct upgrade to the Baseball Bat.
    • However, this only has 1 animation, shorter range, does not stun, and has less chance to hit a zombie more than once.
  • Try not to attack Brutes, due to its high health.
  • This can instantly kill EdgarsLeapers, and Normals (unless the Normal Zombie has upgraded health with the Level system).
  • The Scout or Tactical II and the Chainsaw pair pretty well, as the armors grant extra stamina to make up for the Chainsaw's high stamina usage.
    • The Chainsaw and the Candy Cane are also a powerful combo.
  • Bat and Chainsaw/Chainsaw and Rambo make a good combo in Melee Smash; this allows you to trip your opponent if needed.
    • The Chainsaw is the only weapon that can penetrate the Bone Sword's block ability, making it very useful in Melee Smash.


  • High Damage
  • Block Break
  • High Multi Hit


  • Slow Swing Rate
  • High Energy Usage
  • Expensive


  • This is the most expensive melee weapon in R2DA.
  • This melee performs most damage in one swing (other than the Axe if it has the Flame attachment).
  • This is the third returning melee weapon from R2D 2014.
    • In R2D 2014 the Chainsaw was notorious for being able to shred tanks in a couple of swings.
      • Now, it can only deal 1 hit per swing to a zombie, so this is no longer possible.
    • In R2D 2014, this used 80 ammo/fuel that couldn't be refilled. It was removed later on.
  • The first melee weapon to make a sound when it's idle.
  • The first ever melee that can break Bone Sword's Block ability.


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