Caved In

"Wait, this seems familiar. Wait! This is from the previous apocalypse! Now we're REALLY Caved In! Haha- no."


A map from R2D 2014.

This is also the first map released for R2DA's Greenlight category.

Background Story

One day, a boat drifted onto the shore. It was small and held no signs of life. In the process of trying to claim it, several survivors were surprised to see it suddenly roar to life and speed off into the ocean. With them still on it.

As safety receded from view, the now passengers had to wonder where they were being taken. It was clear that wherever this boat was taking them, it knew where it was going.

Judging by the damage on the boat, it had done this before.


This map takes place on what could be considered an island.

Survivors spawn outside of a metal door, with a boat right behind them. A control panel can be interacted with to open the door.

This leads into an abandoned mine with houses scattered about within.

There are two levels with either a ladder and or the lift taking you up. Players, including zombies, can click the green and red buttons to move the lift up and down. You can also press a grey button at each level to call the lift to your level.

Around the second floor are catwalks. A recess can be seen on a side that is blocked off by debris. Blowing it up leads into another room that serves as a storage room.


  • There are only two Ammo Stations in the entire map.
  • It's quite dark, so use your flashlight by pressing "X" to be able to see.
  • Remember that the lift actually works.
    • You can still use it as a Brute, as you're too bulky to climb the ladders.
    • Be careful if you are using the lift as a survivor. It may be a bit jumpy at times.
  • The water is extremely sensitive. If your torso at any point touches the water, you will die.
    • There's a chance that you will be instantly killed when you spawn if you spawn too deep into the water.
    • Be careful when crouching around these parts.
    • You don't have to worry about a Digger or a Leaper, as the water will kill them before they kill you.
  • Due to the fact zombies can spawn in restricted areas, this can cause an unfair loss during Arena.
    • If you can't find the last zombies, don't panic. Try to use an Airstrike to weed out the remaining.
    • Modcalling is an alternative way to solve this and should also suffice to help clear up this problem.
  • Watch out for a Brute while playing on Campaign. While escaping, the boat won't protect you from smashes.
    • They can even spawn on top of the boat as well, so be careful.
  • Upon blowing up the TNT, anyone near the rocks will be severely damaged/killed by the blast.
  • Diggers cannot dig in this map.
  • Remember that spawning trucks on water may cause some people to die by water by getting pushed by the truck, so dont do it.


  • This is the third map, including remakes, from R2D 2014.
    • Currently, the map has been simply imported over from R2D with little-to-no change at all.
  • At first, the GUI for Campaign was broken for this map.
    • Occasionally the GUI still breaks, but the issue is rare.
  • Initially, in Debug, the water wasn't smooth terrain water and consisted of a single blue block.
  • When starting on a Gamemode other than Campaign, the Boat can be seen for a split second before disappearing.
  • During Debug, the icon and Loading Screen images were blurry and stretched out.
  • The bulldozer in the storage room isn't anchored and pretty much falls apart instantly when the map loads.


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