Casius Outpost

"You thought leaving earth was enough to save you from the apocalypse? Then think again."


Casius Outpost is a large base which is situated on the planet of Mars. The complex has a large number of corridors and rooms. Since you are on Mars, if you somehow phase through the walls, prepare to suffocate to death. Have fun!

Background Story

Attempting to rebuild society, an extremely large group was sent to Mars to colonise it. No one could predict that someone within their ranks was sent to sabotage the entire operation. It took years of training (and surviving) to even be qualified to be on this trip.

Many of the people were caught off guard and would perish. Luckily, there was an armory that was installed in case of an attack from competing countries on base.

Try as you might, you can't escape. A single door blocks you from escaping, and despite power still being functional, someone has gone the length to sabotage that door specifically.

You can hear the zombies approaching.


The base has multiple levels which contain various facilities designed to accommodate the individuals who have been residing within the base. In the map, several vents can be found which are large enough to allow every survivor and infected (except a Brute and Stalker in some cases) through them.

When you spawn, you are placed at one end of an airlock. Conveyor belts can help you traverse the long halls to the other end. At the other end, a door can be found which leads into the main base. A button needs to be pressed to open, and after pressing, will slowly open to allow the survivors into the main base.

Developer Notes

I strive to create quality maps. I'm paranoid about lag, so there is sometimes a conflict of interest. I apologize if you do happen to lag on one of these maps, but I try my very best.

GammaShock and JohnMaribs deserve some credit for a few models that I have used around the map.

I started developing this map in November 2015 and finished it August 2016. I do hope all these months of work are worth it.

An official plot is needed, as a rough draft is given above.

In game [sic], ask me (StreetBuilder) what my special tip for the map is. I don't want everyone to know, but its an interesting tip. (Cliffhanger not intended[.])

I do love constructive criticism, so please do let me know what I can do for you to improve. Give suggestions for me to help keep the community involved.

There may be a lack of details, [sic] just because I'm paranoid of lag. Above all, I hope you enjoy your game play [sic].



  • The long, narrow path in the airlock hallway is suitable for sniping zombies and players alike from afar.
  • Learning the layouts of hidden areas and passages on the map is especially essential for Survival as zombies may never find you until later on in the round.
  • Diggers cannot dig in this map and are forced to stay above the surface.
    • Don't worry about any surprise attacks. Just watch your corners and you should be fine.
  • This map is large, and being isolated can leave you helpless if there's a Leaper or an Edgar pinning you down.
    • Stay with a group to prevent this from happening.
  • You can easily glitch out of this map using an Axe, so be careful.
    • With this, a Leaper is also susceptible to glitching out of the map by using their first-person camera.
  • Use a Jerry-Can/Propane in corridors to take out large hordes and block off paths.
    • Use the Hammer's fences to barricade corridors, useful for quick getaways. Don't abuse it though.
    • any explosive of spread-type weapon, such as Flamethrower and China-lake are advised for the tight, but long corridors, be careful not to accidentally blow yourself up with your own explosives.
    • Bring some supplies, such as Defibrillators, to keep your teammates alive!


  • This is the first map to not take place on Earth, and the first permanent map to take place entirely enclosed.
    • This first map to be enclosed was a Boss Arena, Yeti's Cave.
  • This map took roughly 1 year to make.
  • This map had many names before Casius Outpost was chosen. During the production of this map, a poll was held to officially name this map, two other options being "Hammond Station" and quite simply, "Mars Base".
  • Originally, players could glitch out of Casius Outpost to (unfairly) win. To counter this, PlaceRebuilder added the ability to suffocate.
    • Zombies are still able to get outside the map, although they will not suffocate, this is most likely a bug
  • There is a ship outside of the map. The ship has some things inside of it despite it being clearly out of range of the survivors.
    • This could mean it was supposed to be used, but the idea was scrapped, Most likely if this was added, survivors would need some type of way to get to the ship.
  • During the Christmas 2016 Event, this was one of the few maps where Gifts would not spawn at all.
  • All seats within this map were removed in Version.0.9.5.
    • This was due to the fact that sometimes (AI)Zombies would get stuck on them.
  • When the map starts to load, you can see rockets and ships (used as outside props) fall out of the map.

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