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Casino Halls

"Teamwork is Magic!"
―Survivor 2 seconds before getting ballooned.


Casino Halls is a Quest which involves players going through an obstacle course and occasional fighting. There are a lot of Regular Chests on this map, meaning that the rewards are great, though many rewards deviate from the main quest.

After completing this map, you are able to fight Jacksplot 7 in its domain.

Background Story

Some say that this is a fantasy. Some say that this is just a dream. However, it does feel eerily real.

Jacksplot 7 hired the DiceLord to protect any raids on his casino. In similar fashion to other guardians, the DiceLord decided to make an obstacle course that rewarded those that have aerobic agility. Professionals have standards.

Unfortunately for the survivors, the ground was clearly unstable. If luck was on their side, this could be a cakewalk. However, other survivors reported of dire bad luck from the Dice that stood sentry. If this was all in your head, couldn't you manipulate the situation?


Mobs: Dice (Obstacle 1, 3, 5 and 7), Ace (Obstacle 5 and 7), Rolling Chips (Obstacle 5), DiceLord (Obstacle 7)

  • Obstacle 1 - Diabolical Dice - Grab the Key behind the spawn. Avoid the Dice in the first chamber. The first code to the second puzzle is seen on the left.
  • Obstacle 2 - Pressure Plates - Guess the code to open the door by standing on the plates.
  • Obstacle 3 - Chasm - Stand the green pressure plate to open the door. The blue pressure plates will activate floating platforms. Avoid the Dice that spawn.
  • Obstacle 4 - Floating Platforms - Before entering the chamber, straight ahead is the second code for the second puzzle. Jump onto floating platforms, some of which are activated by a blue pressure plate. One of the platforms is mobile. At the end of the chamber is the third, and final, code for the second puzzle.
  • Obstacle 5 - The Killing Hall - Avoid the multitude of Dice and Aces as well as the Rolling Chips which will trip you. Destroy the green wall at the far end by forcing the Dice to shoot at it.
  • Detour 1 - Ace Punch - To the immediate left of the hall is a locked door which can only be opened by an attacking Ace. At the far end of the chamber is a Key which will partially open The Vault. You must traverse the sucker punches in the chamber to reach it.
  • Obstacle 6 - Have you Memorised? - To the right of the chamber is the second puzzle, where you need to input the codes you saw, in order, into the combination lock. You require a Puzzle Key to operate the puzzle. After that, you can claim the Key and enter the residence.
  • Detour 2 - The Vault - To the left of the chamber is a treasure cove with various challenges to open it up. You must traverse coloured blocks and then obtain the second key by holding down blue pressure plates. To open the first part of the vault, you need to get the key at Detour 1. After that, you need to input the coloured code in which you jumped to at the start of the detour. Doing so will open the vault door which grants you numerous Regular Chests and Tickets.
  • Obstacle 7 - DiceLord's Residence - All mobs at Obstacle 5 will be killed upon someone entering the last chamber. Defeat DiceLord, then enter the portal.



  • Avoid killing any Dice unless you must. The terrain beneath them will be destroyed within a random radius from the Dice upon death.
  • All the corridors and chambers up to The Killing Hall are quite narrow and small.
    • For this reason, every corridor is a chokepoint for players to pass. Additionally, this makes the Dice extremely dangerous when killed as entire corridors could be destroyed if it rolls a high number.
    • Also, be aware of trollers who may use the Water Balloon, Eggs or Pumpkin Pie. Due to the enclosed nature of the map, it will be difficult to avoid.
  • The initial Dice you encounter can be safely left alone as they will be killed whenever someone reaches Obstacle 4.
    • As an added bonus, they won't be able to destroy terrain upon their death.
  • At Obstacle 4, do not linger on the translucent platform for too long, as they will fall if you stand on them long enough.
    • These platforms are client-sided, meaning that other players cannot interfere or troll you by removing these platforms.
  • Stamina-boosting armors, like the Scout or the Tactical II, or armors and items that give you a jump boost, like the Feather Boots or the Boo Blast, are recommended on this map.
    • All mounts and the Jetpack are banned on this map, so you cannot use the Bunny or the Duck Mount.
    • You can use the Blueberry Splush or Carrot to ensure that you don't run out of stamina on this course, as you do not automatically get infinite stamina.
      • If you do not have any booster items, make sure to conserve stamina.
  • Ensure that you memorise the three numbers that you encounter at Obstacle 1 and Obstacle 4. The order in which you encounter these numbers is the code for the combination lock at Obstacle 6.
    • Remember that if you fail to remember the code written on the walls, you cannot go back.
  • While there are many detours in this map, often with huge monetary rewards, they are not required for the completion of this map.
    • If you want to access The Vault, you need at least three people to get a Key or one person willing to sacrifice themselves, due to the one-way nature of the buttons.
      • That one person willing to sacrifice themselves may be able to survive, so long they have the Feather Boots or Boo Blast.
    • Additionally, to open The Vault, you need to get an Ace into Detour 1. The detour itself is quite challenging to the sucker punches and the small platforms that you have to parkour between.
  • During The Killing Hall, make sure you avoid the Rolling Chips as they will trip you which may lead to you falling into the void.
    • Additionally, if you run out of ammo during The Killing Hall, you need to buy Extra Ammo as the only Ammo Stations on this map are at the end of the map.
    • If you have no ammunition and need to defeat the Ace, you can punch or kick them. If they fall on their face, they are killed instantly.
      • Since the Ace cannot trip you, this is a safe manoeuvre to perform, though you may still be damaged.
  • Throughout the map, the Flamethrower can be used to effectively wipe out hordes of Aces and Dice.
  • During the DiceLord fight, the RPG can be used to wipe out the Aces and Dice that the DiceLord spawns.
  • You do not actually need to be inside the hall in which DiceLord resides in to damage it. Somebody can remain outside the gates of its residence and attack it, though they will need an Extra Ammo box if they need to reload.
    • An added bonus is that they can distract DiceLord and its minions away from the people inside its chamber, so that it is easier to defeat it.
  • Unlike other Quest maps with buttons, you cannot use thrown items, like the Rambo Knife to hold down buttons or activate them.
  • The Toy Hammer's Super Smash is a very easy way to knockback every mob, excluding the DiceLord.