Cash can be earned within a game by various methods including:

  • Getting the final kill on zombies/survivors yourself.
  • Having zombies killed by another member of your Party, if party bonus is enabled.
  • Completing certain parts of a Campaign.
  • Completing certain obstacles in Quest.
  • Logging in on the December 24 or 25, 2016 got you 1,500 Cash.

You, in turn, can use this money to expand your arsenal and to launch yourself in other ways ahead of the competition. You can also use the In-Game Store for survivors and zombies alike. The only other way to lose Cash was using the code "8H44IO" or by Zombifying on the DeathScreen.


Cash is the main currency of R2DA. It doesn't appear physically within the game, but it's still an integral part of your survival.

You can also purchase Cash in the menu by clicking the "Cash Shop" button in the store or the "Buy Gold" button in the bottom right of the menu.

There are many more options to buy Cash via Boosters.


The old currency of R2DA, coins, were dropped by killing a mob and the coin would differentiate in value depending on what was killed. As this drop system is now deprecated, money is now given to you automatically whenever you kill a mob. You don't have to manually run over to pick up coins anymore.

When this was around, there was an idea where you could have pets that could get dropped coins. However, this idea was dropped as it would lead to serious money stealing from other players standing next to a slain zombie.


You gain values from here if you are not in a Party or if at least 1 member of your Party is dead.

Party Earnings

You gain values from here if you are in a Party, all members of the party are alive, there are 4 or fewer people in the Party and you get the kill.

Party Bonus Earnings

You gain values from here if you are in a Party, all members of the party are alive, someone else in it gets the kill and there are 4 or fewer people in the Party.


  • On the screen to buy yourself a Cash booster, Cash is referred to as Gold.
    • The screen states "Buying cash supports the continued development of R2D Awakening".
  • Cash earned from Chests, finishing portions of the Chronos Quest or completing Campaign is not boosted nor shared with Party members.
  • Party earnings from killing any zombies will give you extra 50% of the zombie kill reward.
    • For example, you get 40$ for killing an Elemental, but with the Party bonus, you actually receive 60$, since half of 40 is 20, and 40 + 20 is 60.
    • The reason that the Edgar reward differentiates is due to the game sometimes rounding up and sometimes rounding down as 25 * 1.5 = 37.5. The same thing goes for AI Zombies and Stalkers.
  • The Coins model can be found in Duck's Quest.


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