Carrot Fields

"probably one of the most enraging things that has ever cursed this game. isnt as buggy and rigged unlike in 2014, but more confusing instead."


Carrot Fields is a Summer 2020 event map that involves player riding Bunny mounts around a circular grassy map, twice. There is no other purpose to this map, except racing bunnies.

Background Story

Lying abandoned for four years, some genius construction workers decided to upgrade the plot of land once known as Open Fields. It was heavily up-marketed to budding investors under the name Carrot Fields, because that name sounded less bland.

Unfortunately, the funds dried out when the investors pulled out. The plot of land has been falling apart ever since. We hear that some delinquent youths have broken into the plot to mess around in it. Oh well, it's not like there are any laws around to stop them.


The map is grassy, yet quite mountainous in some areas. Players spawn at the start line, on a dirt path that rotates around the map. On either side of the path are grass hills. Various trees, eggs, fences, cars and rocks are seen around the map.

After the start line is crossed, the first obstacle is some wooden stiles, which you must jump over. The next obstacle is a fallen tree, then a row of boxes, then another fallen tree. The next obstacle is a spike pit. Players then enter a crystal cave with running water, before emerging out the other side, to the finish line.

Across the map various Item Boxes can be collided with, giving you a booster item.


  • 164 Tickets scattered around the map.

The following rewards can only be gotten by coming in a podium place. You can repeat every reward. You do not get the following rewards in private VIP Servers.


  • If you want to get a podium spot, booster items are almost a given. To get a booster item, you must touch a green Item Box.
    • The Carrot is by far the best booster item, as all the other items can be easily avoided.
    • The Egg can be used to stop someone from afar, though somebody could easily move out of the way.
    • The Honey and Bear Trap are most effective when placed next to Item Boxes or strategic locations, as players will certainly run over them.
      • Keep in mind that the Bear Trap power-up does not depict the player holding out their item, so be careful when running behind another runner as they could deploy the trap at any time without you knowing.
  • Be aware of trolls who might camp on Item Boxes or run in the other direction.
  • Do not go onto the grass on this map, as it will slow you down. Always stay on the dirt path.
    • However, at the beginning of the race, it might be better for you to take the shortcut by going off-road in order to effortlessly overtake your opponents.
  • Jumping does not give you a speed advantage in any way. It is only useful for avoiding obstacles.
    • Also be aware that jumping uses up your stamina.
  • The spike pit will instantly kill you if you fall in. Time your jump perfectly or go onto the grass to avoid it.
    • The water in the cave also instantly kills you, but that can be easily avoided.
  • Be aware that you have three hearts. The Egg and Bear Trap will reduce the amount of hearts you have. If you have zero hearts, you will die.
  • Large servers are largely ineffective in getting the prizes on this map. Try going into smaller servers.
    • Be aware that you do not get any prizes in a private VIP Server. The server must be public.
  • The Bear Trap does not appear on the ground if the Bear Trap is deployed when you are in mid-air.
  • Do not try to take a shortcut through the grassy hills in the middle of the map as there are invisible walls in the way.


  • Remake of a R2D 2014 map, Open Fields.
  • The In-Game Store is not disabled on this map. However, you cannot spawn the M939 or Van, and the items cannot be equipped.
    • However, the Give Command is banned.
    • When this map was first added, you could use the In-Game Store items. This was later disabled.
  • All items, weapons, armors and mounts owned by players are banned. You cannot even use the Toy Sword on this map.
  • If a person with the permissions uses the respawn command, they will not have the Bunny mount and will have to run to continue with the race.
    • The players will still be able run, punch and kick and not be slowed down when walking on the grass, but they won't be able to get the power ups.
  • The Bunny's jump height on Carrot Fields is lower than its jump height on a regular map.
    • Additionally, when this map was first added, you could take fall damage while on the Bunny during Carrot Fields.
  • There is an Easter Egg near the cave entrance with a sign that says "786r786r was here" in a small hole.
  • Due to a developer mistake, the carrots from the map are unanchored, making it falls of the map.

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