Capture the Base is a Gamemode in which flag poles are spread around the map and survivors have to fully-raise all of them to win the round.

Every second a survivor spends under a flag to raise it, they get 2$. If a survivor is there when the flag is fully-raised, they also get 1 Fame. It won't be that easy. If a zombie stands under a flag, they can slowly bring the flag down. The only way to prevent this is to make sure the flag was fully-raised in the first place.


  • It is faster to capture a flag with more people.
    • You will still capture the flag even if you are dead.
  • As long as there is one zombie in the vicinity of the flagpole, all progress stops.
    • Try to get other zombies to assist you in taking the flags down.
  • Everyone gets one Fame after a flag is fully raised as long as they are around when the flag hits 100%.
  • Use a Pipebomb, a Starlight, or a Bell to lure zombies away from the flags.
  • Be sure to keep a lookout around your surroundings, you might never know when a Brute club comes straight at you.
    • Warn everyone if you see one, as the brute can easy get several kills if everyone is in a group.
  • You can earn a total of 100$ if you capture a flag singlehandedly. (This isn’t recommended as you are an easy target.)


  • This is a remake of the Capture the Flag gamemode from R2D 2014.
  • Electrical Elementals cannot uncap flags in this gamemode.
    • Even if this is a minor bug, this can still be considered as balanced.
  • The same flags are used in the new remastered version of Team Deathmatch.
    • The flags can also be seen in Jopede's Pillow Fight Simulator.
  • Fame was added as a reward for capturing flags in v0.4.4.