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"imma be honest with you - i thought this boss would abuse the living hell out of disconnections - but i havent seen many complains about that...did he just lose his most valuable attack?"


Captain Crab is the boss for Summer Event 2020. Captain Crab is a reincarnation of King Crab II, as a pirate.

Captain Crab can be found on the Bootcamp, R2DA Wipeout III, instead of a separate map.

Background Story

After the events that transpired back in 1948, the king wanted his sweet revenge. In order to do that he had to traverse to the open ocean to find materials that will further protect him from the next attack.

Finding scrapped legs of dissembled robotic limbs from an old legend, and coming across an abandoned resort, he decided that this place was home. The former monarch also found something valuable to keep as a treasure.

All the dirty work was done and all he had to do was to rebuild the obstacle course, prepare an ambush, then assert his revenge.

Though, his life was coming to an end as his old age caused his new body to be vulnerable to hard bullets.


Does not include R2DA Wipeout III obby rewards.


  • Be aware that Captain Crab is immune to explosions and fire.
  • Be aware that you must complete the R2DA Wipeout III obby before immediately getting put into the Captain Crab boss fight.
    • This means that you must be prepared for the initial Sand Crab fight, the obby and the boss fight in one round.
  • You have three respawns, four lives, throughout the Bootcamp.
    • Only one person needs to reach the end of the obby, which will teleport everyone to the fight. Therefore, it is best just to wait and save your hearts.
  • Use each respawn to your advantage!
    • You can use the respawn to restock ammunition, regain special ammunition or recover health, if you are lacking any healing items.
    • You can also use the respawn to recover the Patriots Flag, which is extremely useful in the fight, since you can essentially have four Medkits.
  • Unlike other boss maps, you can reload the Mini Minigun during this fight.
    • This means that, along with the Bandolier and special ammunition, the Minigun is the best weapon for this fight.
  • The Flakvest can be handy in reducing the damage from the Volcanic Dance.
  • The Snorkel can be quite useful against the Wodas, but you need to use it via the Give Command.
    • Be aware that, once you die with the Snorkel, you cannot use another one for the rest of the round.
  • You cannot bring any regular items to this fight.
  • Try not to get tripped by the Woda or Sand Crab, since they will likely push you into the water, instantly killing you. The Sand Lobber attack will likely push you into the water as well.
    • For this reason, try to stay away from the water's edge.
    • It is also very easy for someone to throw the Pumpkin Pie, Eggs or Water Balloon at you.
    • The Sand Lobber attack actually has an arc, so distance yourself far away from him to not get hit.
    • The Flamethrower can be very useful in wiping out Wodas.
  • Try to stay away from Captain Crab as some of his attacks affect those close to him.
    • Also avoid standing on his shell, since it will trip you.
  • Stay behind rocks, structures or anything that can cover from Captain Crab's attacks.
  • It is recommended to attack Sand Crabs as a collective group, rather than trying to fight them on your own.
  • If you spawn near or behind Captain Crab, it is best to run back to where all of the survivors are concentrated, as this leaves you wide open to his attacks.
  • If Captain Crab targets you with his Sand Lobber attack, try performing evasive manoeuvers to avoid his blocks. Though counter-intuitive, this includes running towards him.


  • Captain Crab was originally going to be called Crabinator, a homage to the Pumpkinator.
    • The name is instead derived from Captain Craboo from the Cartoon Network show We Bare Bears.
  • Rocks from the volcano can hurt Wodas and Sand Crabs.
  • Captain Crab was supposed to be the miniboss for R2DA Wipeout III, but due to the long delay in releasing the event, it was changed to be the main boss.
  • Interestingly, during the Volcanic Dance attack, you cannot lose any limbs via the lava inside the volcano, when it is raining rocks from the clouds.

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