This item/feature has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"ironically, the thing inside that chest is worthless. much like the entire boss. what a pushover..."


The Captain's Bounty can be found in R2DA Wipeout III on Captain Crab's shell. It can only be opened after the defeating of Captain Crab. Opening this chest will award the player with the Grill.

Background Story

Captain Crab was on a rampage.

After rebuilding his obstacle course, he started to terrorise the local population. The Peach N' Spills Resort was nearby, and he hated the device the survivors called the Grill. a popular survivor at the time, Sterlin, was cooking some hamburgers when he mysteriously disappeared.

The trail led to Captain Crab. To smuggle it out of the resort, he hid it in his chest, the Captain's Bounty. Unfortunately, it stuck out like a sore thumb, so the remaining survivors could track him down. His demise would follow shortly after.


  • You cannot stand on Captain Crab's shell until it is defeated. After that, you can go on top of its shell to claim the Captain's Bounty.
  • If necessary, use the Pumpkin Pie, Water Balloon or Eggs to deny others from getting the chest.
    • Be aware that other players can throw them as well.
  • Since the Captain's Bounty opens before Regular Chests appear, it is fine to crowd around the dead Captain Crab.
  • The Boo Blast is probably your best bet while trying to claim this chest before anyone else since it boosts your jump power and lowers your gravity.


  • Ninth exclusive boss chest, tied with the Jacksplot Chest.
  • Captain's Bounty is a bigger version of Crab II Chest.
    • However, the Captain's Bounty has a slightly different colour scheme.
  • This is the first boss chest to have a decal inside the chest.
  • The place where the Captain's Bounty is located on the shell is similar to Tamatoa, a character from Moana.
  • The Captain's Bounty has no collision, meaning you can stand inside before it opens.
  • Despite being a large version of a chest, the Captain's Bounty does not act in a similar way to the Squid Chest in regards to handing out its reward.
    • Unlike the Squid Chest, those with the Grill can still claim the Captain's Bounty. However, it still says that the player got the Grill, even though it should say "Empty".
    • However, the Captain's Bounty does act in a similar way to the Squid Chest in that it appears during the boss fight, not after. It is also opened to reveal the Grill, before it has been claimed, similar to the Squid Chest.

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