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"Look at that friendly smile! surely they are ni- OH MY GOD IT SHOOTS BOMBS!"


The Cannon Cloud is a floating NPC with a dark green cannon coming out of it.

Makes a cute expression while idle. It will also try to kill you with its projectile when it changes face.

Background Story

This cloud has a cannon on it and is also a very good actor.

No, its happy expression does not mean it's your ally.

Please shoot it as fast as possible. It's killing your teammates.


  • Use an accurate and long ranged weapon on these like the Barrett 50 Cal. or Winchester.
    • If you don't, you will miss a lot of shots.
  • The facial expression will change when the Cannon Cloud is about to shoot.
  • If the projectile hits you, you'll be launched upwards, be aware of this.
    • This can kill you as it does a fair bit of damage.
  • These can only fire directly in front of them, so get out of they way if they're facing you.
    • They won't move once they have locked onto a spot.
  • This respawns after 20 seconds during King Cherrycake's Quest and 30 seconds during King Cherrycake. Watch the timer so you can kill it before it does any harm.
  • The Cannon Cloud normally spawns on the left of the platform in King Cherrycake's Quest.
    • They will spawn on the right side if the left side is already occupied by another Cannon Cloud.
  • Remember the Cannon Cloud cannot destroy the ground in King Cherrycake.
    • They can spawn on all sides of the map.


  • First NPC with a changeable face expression before it attacks.
  • Sometimes, it can reach places that it is not supposed to go, such as if there is a player that is somewhere else other than the battle platform.