"No, Jimmy no! Don't you dare lick that gun!"


Candy Cane is a limited-edition set made for the Christmas Event 2017. They cannot be found in normal Skincrates. You can only receive these within specific crates that belong to Yeti II.

It mainly features the colours red and white, stylised as strips, symbolising a candy cane, hence the name.


  • When the skin was first thought of back in 2016, the M202 was going to have the skin before being cancelled.
  • These are the second holiday-themed skins (not including the old M202 candy cane skin, which was cancelled), the first one being the Halloween Skin.
    • It should be noted that the cancelled Candy Cane skin was slightly darker and had a different striping scheme.
  • Prior to release, the AK-47 and Steyr M skins were planned to have the text "Merry Christmas" on them but this was removed.
AK47 - Candy Cane.png
Bat Christmas.png
M202 Christmas.png
Steyr M - Candycane.png
Minigun Christmas.png
Flamethrower Christmas.png
AK-47 Baseball Bat M202 Steyr M Minigun Flamethrower

There is another item with the same name.
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