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Campfire Chaos II

"Cozy but not fun inside "


Campfire Chaos II remake of a Reason 2 Die map from 2012. The map contains two islands that are connected by a bridge. A few structures are present and it is mostly natural habitat that dominates this map.

Background Story

"Well, what do you think?" said the estate agent. Yes, these people still exist, albeit they are very keen to make a sale so they can make money within this apocalypse.

Left abandoned after 4 years, this place seemed the perfect sanctuary. With only one way in and out, the Private Jet, this seemed like a perfect place for a small group of survivors. 

However, it was unwise of them to underestimate the ever-present infection. Before scouting out the island (after a bumpy landing), they quickly did a count. 57 survivors left the campfire that morning, and only 48 sat around it at night.

The thumping, heavy footsteps that woke them up at night were not the ones of their brethren, but of a beast that had torn a small tree out of the ground.

The sprinting footsteps came from grey, alien monsters that materialized in front of their eyes.

The screams began, and the jet that had left on a supply run early in the morning now seemed much too far away.


A remake from the old R2D 2012/2014 Campfire Chaos map, many of the main structures have been remade.

Considering the island with the cobbled airstrip north, you spawn on a jetty spurring out from the south island. The south island contains a wooden cabin and a water tank. Outside the cabin is where the Gas Tank spawns. There are also two campfires on the south island, with another one outside the barn on the north island. There are many trees, signalling the impact humans had on this island.

There are two crossing points, the main bridge, and a log. Alternatively, you could swim across. The north island contains a barn and a slightly elevated airstrip. Inside the barn contains the Radio.


  • The crossing points of the island are the weak points of this map. Stay alert for zombies in these parts.
    • It should be noted, however, you can swim on this map.
  • In Campaign, you must use the Radio then run back to the spawn and push the Gas Tank to the airstrip.
  • This map is known for its AI Infected hordes. The tent beside the runway and the bridge roof are good spots to camp away from them.
  • For transport around the map, the Rocket Sleigh, Ducky or Jetski are recommended.
  • For swimming in the water, the Snorkel and Froggo are recommended.


  • This is a remake of the Reason 2 Die 2012 map of the same name.
    • The 2012 map was remade in 2014.
  • TheBeautifulSardonyx is misspelled as TheBeautifulSardyonyx in the Loading Screen.
  • In v1.4.6, this map received the grass effect found in other maps, like Panama Beach.