"I'm glad there are no such things as birds otherwise i'd be falling dead with a ripped parachute."


This armor acts as a parachute that cushions your fall. It is styled like a backpack but with a cake design hence the name Cakepack.

Background Story

I mean, how else did you think pieces of cake survived a fall from the sky?

The tale once started with the defeat of King Cherrycake. Up in heaven, most of the cake slices were donated through throwing cake off the arena. Falling gracefully to the normal world, survivors decided to make the most of these gifts by their soldiers who had just defeated King Cherrycake.

Not surprisingly, people being admitted into hospitals due to broken legs dramatically decreased. This armor was then mass produced as part of an effort to keep people healthy.


  • Activates when you fall from a height that would injure you.
    • This is good for quick escapes on maps such as Tokyo, Japan if you are on a high area swarmed by Zombies.
  • Use this if you are using the Boosterpad to prevent any accidental fall damage.
  • You're able to use weapons while using this so take advantage of this.
  • This still activates when tripped or stunned making this a very good Digger and Stalker repellent.


  • Some Health
  • Fall Damage Immunity


  • No Resistances
  • No Extra Ammo


  • While not an event armor, it is listed as one on this wikia.
  • This is the first armor to have the parachute effect.
  • Emotes are still usable while using this.
  • Zombified players with the Cakepack will still have the parachute effect.
  • If a player is driving the M939 off a cliff with the Cakepack on, the parachute effect will slow the truck down.

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