"I'm glad there are no such things as birds otherwise i'd be falling dead with a ripped parachute."


A parachute that cushions your fall. It is styled like a backpack but with a cake design hence the name Cakepack.

Background Story

I mean, how else did you think pieces of cake survived a fall from the sky?

The tale once started with the defeat of King Cherrycake. Up in heaven, most of the cake slices were donated through throwing cake off the arena


  • Activates when you fall from a height that would injure you.
    • This is good for quick escapes on maps such as Tokyo, Japan if you are on a high area swarmed by Zombies.
  • Use this if you are using the Boosterpad to prevent any accidental fall damage.
  • You're able to use weapons while using this so take advantage.
  • This still activates when tripped or stunned making this a very good Digger and Stalker repellent.


  • Some Health
  • Fall Damage Immunity


  • No Resistances
  • No Extra Ammo


  • While not an event armor, it is listed as one on this wikia.
  • This is the first armor to have the parachute effect.
  • Emotes are still usable while using this.
  • Zombified players with the Cakepack will still have the parachute effect.
  • If a player is driving the M939 off a cliff with the Cakepack on, the parachute effect will slow the truck down.

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