"You love frosting right? Well, now you don't."


A turret that shoots frosting. The exploding kind of frosting.

Background Story

No kingdom evil lair is safe complete without some sort of protection dangerous minion.

These Cake Turrets aren't so dangerous, but they are just one part of the obstacle presented to you by King Cherrycake, supplied with his seemingly endless supply of the life blood that is frosting. Blinding, annoying, sugary and sweet frosting.


  • Don't get shot, as it will trip and push you hard enough to knock you off to your death.
  • The Flamethrower now effectively kills the Cake Turret.
    • Weapons such as the Spas-12 can get a reliable one shot kill.
  • This can only fire left to right, not up and down, so hide behind the fences, on top of the Ammo Stations or on top of them.
    • It's an even better idea to stand on top of the ammo boxes, as they won't be able to hit you at all.
  • Very rarely this is able to drop Rose Petals.
  • Right before these spawn on the ground, a small shadow can be seen to where they will rise to the ground at, if your graphic quality is high.
    • They can also be seen if the ground is destroyed.



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