"Thought these were going to be a 'piece of cake', well think again!"


These are NPCs that spawn on the mob battle part of King Cherrycake's Quest. They can also be spawned in via King Cherrycake. They normally come in huge hordes, and if not dealt quickly enough can be devastating towards your gameplay.

Background Story

King Cake was dead. After the redundancy of that, they were adopted by the fearsome cousin, King Cherrycake. They were to set up shop near the Cake Turrets and would protect the king whenever necessary.

Survivors would come back with stories of boxing cakes. They were laughed at. Well, that is until they were beaten up themselves. Bullies get bullied, eh? Ironic.


  • Unlike the Cake Turret they can attack from below. Be aware of this while camping on Ammo Stations.
  • Use a M202 or RPG to wipe through hordes of these.
    • If there is only one, there's no point using explosives. Use your main weapon, so long as it isn't the Minigun.
  • The Flamethrower can be really effective when clearing through hordes of these.


  • This is a returning mob from R2D 2014, whereby King Cake would spawn his minions in.

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