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Cake Kingdom

"King Cake was killed in the last Reason 2 Die... Or was it?"


A giant strawberry and grape cake. There's nothing else of interest really, the map is really small.

Background Story

After the tyrannic King Cake was slain by the survivors years ago, the Cake Kingdom was taken over by its citizens and grew into a prosperous kingdom. However, the gingerbread men have grown berserk due to Christmas not being celebrated here, and they are now trashing and pillaging the beautiful kingdom. The survivors are the citizens' last hope.


  • Stand your distance away from the Gingerbread Minions, or you could get stuck in a loop of smashes and die.
  • At the top of the cake there is one ammo box, so don't forget to use it.
  • When opening a present, run far away enough so the Gingerbread Minions don't attack you at the present.
  • The more you climb on top of the cake, the harder it will be. Try to clear it by layer by layer.
  • There are 24 gifts which you need to open in 4 minutes, which means you have to deal with 72 Gingerbread Minions.
  • Snowballs can be used to destroy the presents.
  • As of v1.2.7, you need to Punch and Kick or use a melee to open the presents.


  • This was the first map to include the R2DA Minigames song.

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