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"I assure you, this won't give you diabetes when you open it, but a heart attack? I'm positive with that one."


This Cake Chest can be found in King Cherrycake's Arena after defeating King Cherrycake himself. The chest contains the Toy Sword.

Background Story

Nobody knows the true story of the Cake Chest. Some suggest that it was a present from the gods to King Cherrycake. Some point out he has been terrorising the heavens since his cousin was killed, so why did he get a gift?

Anyways, it seems that once King Cherrycake was destroyed, the Cake Chest appeared out of nowhere. Being the human beings they were, some survivors decided to open it up. All they found was a flimsy plastic sword. Perhaps it was merely a joke gift from the gods?


  • Try not to be in the middle of where chests spawn, so you can grab the Cake Chest without being interrupted by a chest spawning on top of you.
  • If you see survivors running towards this chest, you can use Pumpkin Pies or Eggs to trip the person and get it first.
  • Energy boosters can help you scavenge the area easily.


  • Fourth exclusive boss chest.
  • The chest is only empty if you already have the Toy Sword.