"With this healing is a piece of cake!"


A delicious cake that gives health upon eating it. Quick and easy healing item, especially with the Give Command.

Background Story

After the defeat of King Cherrycake, the survivors didn't know what to do with his dead body but leaving it to rot. One brilliant survivor took it upon himself to eat a piece of the cake, which started to heal his wounds from the battle with the sweet beast. The survivors then got the idea of cutting the dead beast with a Rambo Knife and sharing it all around to heal themselves. Luckily for the survivors who didn't kill King Cherrycake, there was still very much more for them when the survivors returned.


  • It's recommended to use it for when you have low health as it can give you a boost before dying.
  • Utilise the Give Command to heal yourself mid-game with this item.
  • It only heals 30 HP, so if you need more you need to grab Vitamins or a Medkit.
  • If used with Vitamins (Cake after the vitamins), you will gain more than the normal amount of maximum health.
    • This glitch was patched in v1.3.6a.


  • The third item, first and second being the Medkit and Strawberry Juice respectively, to give permanent health.
  • Uses the same mesh as King Cherrycake.
  • A returning item from R2D 2014.
    • Back then, it healed 50 HP and was spawned in with a command in which the player had to type "cake" in chat in order for it to appear.
  • It appears that the Cake doesn't explode, although there has been reports of it originally doing so.
    • This rumour was started by PlaceRebuilder himself as he suggested that there was a 5% chance of exploding with this item.

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