"When you mix together 91% RDX, 5.3% Dioctyl Sebacate, 2.1% Polyisobutylene and 1.6% "Process" Oil, you get a crowd scratching their heads wondering what the heck those scientific-sounding names are used for. To the educated man however, those fine ingredients make C4. Perfect for blowing up...basically whatever you feel like; whether it be an old car, a terrorist hideout, unexploded dangerous ordinance or in our case: zombie hordes."


The C4 is an item that can be used to lay down a trap for your enemies. It sticks to walls and vehicles, and can be remotely activated. If you use one, you can press "E" to gain another one, however only three can be used. You press LMB with the detonator out to explode the C4s.

This C4 is also used as a trolling device for Obstacle 10 of the Pumpkinator's Bootcamp.

The C4 also spawns in the Parkour Island  obstacle in R2DA Wipeout II, where it drops from the clouds above. They explode about 3 seconds after hitting the ground. If you're caught in its blast radius, you will more than likely be blown into the water and die.

The C4 also appears as a trolling device yet again in Icy Wonderland

Background Story

Pumpkinator was finding traps for the survivors and then suddenly a C4 appeared and exploded. He figured out it will be good for his new bootcamp. Survivors then realised that it could also help with their problems. Nearly a year later, Papa Squid was trying to thwart the survivors' progress by making an obstacle course. He found the C4s in Pumpkinator's obstacle course and decided to use them.

Shortly after, an unknown company decided to cash in on this sudden surge of use and began creating their own C4s for use by the survivors. They proved to be incredibly useful, especially by people who were rather fond of Vans.


  • This deals more damage than you may think - stay away when you use this.
  • Use this as a last resort when you're surrounded. You can also use it to deter zombies away.
  • You can stick this onto vehicles!
  • Place these in Chokepoints, or crucial areas. For example a bridge or entry way.
  • In Free For All this can be used as a trap to kill people.

Pumpkinator's Bootcamp

  • Use the AI Normals to find the correct door. They may accidentally trigger the C4.

R2DA Wipeout II

  • These take a little bit to explode after hitting the ground, so if one is near you, you have a bit of time.
  • If you hear a C4, wait to take a jump - it could be right above you and you may not even know it.
  • You can use the Karambit to completely avoid these.
  • Sometimes, a C4 will hit the edge of a brick in Papa Squid, causing it to fly into the water, thus rendering it ineffective.



  • v1.4.0
    • Rank changed from 25 to 34.

  • While used as an obstacle in R2DA Wipeout II and Pumpkinator's Bootcamp, this is not considered an item until v1.3.7.
  • Remake of C4 from R2D 2014.
  • The mesh for this can be found under the Fake C4.
  • It took a year for this to be added as a regular item after it was added as a obstacle on quest.
  • The C4 has the same holding animation as the Pumpkin Pie and the Boosterpad.
  • This was added in v1.4.5 as a Deadvelopment Center upgrade for the Leaper.
  • The equip animation for the C4 is similar to the Shovel's equip animation.

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