"So what you're telling me is, this tire pops out of nowhere, and only pops out when it is really needed? Are you sure you didn't eat some of those strange cakes?"


The Bus Tire is similar to the Tire. It is an item exclusive to Blackfield Station Campaign. It is meant to replace the popped tire when the Bus arrives.

Background Story

How convenient. 

Blackfield Station was always known to be a centre for car parts and other such loose machinery, with the numerous forms of contact and the gas station nearby, it almost seemed certain that if worse came to worse on the way out, the survivors could repair it in some form. The question is, how?

Once the Bus arrived to pick up the survivors, it had already been heavily damaged by the several zombies surrounding it, and with enough pressure, a tire popped. Now a replacement needed to be seeked out. Not too far away, a stray tire was found and put back onto the Bus. Now all that was needed was to get the hell out of there.


  • The Bus Tire will spawn in a zombie spawn. Knowledge of zombie spawns is recommended.
  • Use Tag Objective in the In-Game Store to locate it faster.
  • Hold "E" to replace the old tire.
  • You get 1 Fame and 100$ for replacing the tire.


  • This can be considered a variant of Tire (1930's Kingstreet).
  • Appeared on the Bus in v1.0.6, but it was not considered an item until v1.1.0.

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