A simple long civilian vehicle that just so happened to still have fuel and conveniently find survivors (and unfortunately zombies) at its nearest destination, Blackfield Station.

This was originally used as the escape vehicle for Rescue but is now used in Campaign. After using the Telephone the Bus will arrive in 3 minutes. You need to find the replacement Tire after one of the Bus tire bursts. After that, you can board the Bus once it reaches the main bus station. It will then leave after 1 minute.


  • Press "F" to enter. You won't win if you stand on the roof.
    • You must press "F" at the door. Anywhere else and it won't work.
  • When the bus comes, be prepared to find a Bus Tire to replace the popped one.
  • The bus has Bus Immunity when you enter so you cannot be killed.


  • This is the third returning vehicle from the original R2D 2014.
  • It is referred to as the "Magic School Bus" by Nariox and most of the community.
  • The second vehicle to enter by pressing "F", the first being the Helicopter.

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