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Buried Alive

"In a cave far away, so dark and eerie that even the most elite of survivors tried to avoid, lies a little town where the only inhabitants left are a stubborn lizard and a clusmy priest. Your only salvation here is to escape or be Buried Alive trying."


Buried Alive is a remake of a map of the same name from the original Reason 2 Die. It is an enclosed underground with only one way to reach the outside, the cave that leads to the Helicopter.

Background Story

The long, dark shafts of the mining town of Buried were no longer safe or bright. The virus had taken a while to reach the commune, so it wasn't considered a big deal when they received their first case. The darkness that started at the saloon had spread further into the town than they had imagined. Screams of their once beloved comrades now turned to roars and moans of hunger-driven cannibals. The only remnant of hope? A small campfire set up by the survivors of a once prosperous safe haven. They heard the sounds of the infected coming closer and closer to them as time went by. The survivors had thought of every plan they could think of to escape, but without the missing key that unlocked the entrance shaft, their plans would be met with failure.

Just then, the sounds of running footsteps started echoing throughout the dark shafts, and a small source of light was slowly emanating. "Crap, it’s an elm!", shouted a survivor. The survivors cocked and aimed their guns at the chokepoint out of concern of a potential horde but...

"Hey, hey! It’s just me!" cried an altar boy, huffing and gasping for the relief of air. The light source that was approaching them was none other than the torch on his hand.

"The priest... *huff*... he needs your help!"

"The hell is he doing? I thought you're with him!", questioned a survivor.

"He was with me during our escape, but he suddenly started running back to the church, saying something about 'retrieving an important item'. Now he's stuck behind the church door and a horde is waiting outside!", answered the altar boy.

The survivors looked at each other, nodding their heads in tacit agreement with what was to be done next.

"Kid, tell the priest to start praying for us. We'll deal with the devil's minions for him."

With their remaining supplies, they pick up their weapons and ammunition, began to light up their cold torches and headed towards the dark shafts of Buried.


Survivors spawn in a cave with one side being blocked with immovable rocks. During Campaign, the other side is blocked with more rock, though the Pickaxe can be used to destroy these rocks.

Heading down the shaft, players are greeted with a campfire. There are three possible ways out of this campfire site. Taking the left side first, this leads you down a mineshaft and eventually a broken bit of railroad hanging over the town. A partially derailed train can be seen hanging. There is a mineshaft junction near the derailed train. One shaft is quite narrow and ends above a house. The other shaft is quite long and even ends being a cave cliff, as opposed to a mineshaft. It runs besides the perimeter of the church. The church is assumed to mark north.

Taking the right shaft from the campfire leads you down a long mineshaft to the town. It ends to the east of the town, near some saloons and a bar.

Taking the hole near the campfire leads you directly into a saloon, then into the main part of the town. Various bars, homes, saloons and banks can be seen in the town, laid out in a grid format. A broken wagon can also be seen. Inside one of the bars, a cave can be entered. This cave ends near the path to the church.

Leaving the main town north leads you to the church and graveyard. Cutting back across the same path, and the route to the outside world and Helicopter can be spotted, next to the saloon beneath the campfire.


  • At spawn, there is a Pickaxe on either side of the wall. Use it to mine the wall to escape the spawn during Campaign.
    • The Pickaxe can be taken an infinite amount of times and can be used as a weapon. There is no benefit in taking multiple Pickaxes, so try not to clog your inventory.
    • You do not need the Pickaxe outside of Campaign, though it can still be used as a weapon.
  • After escaping the spawn, there will be a campfire at the end of the path which will hold the Torch, which you can grab. During Campaign, it is used to light up the torches and lanterns.
    • Be aware that you can catch on fire, due to the campfire. You can try to grab the Torch, without catching fire, by crouching near the campfire and punching to grab it. You can also use the Firevest or the Pumpkin Vest to prevent you from lighting yourself on fire.
    • You do not get set on fire by touching a lit torch as part of the Campaign.
    • The Torch also spawns outside of Campaign and can be used as a weapon.
      • Due to this, it is best to bring a ranged secondary weapon as opposed to a melee since the Torch and Pickaxe can be used as melees. However, if you want a horde-clearing melee, then the Katana or Chainsaw are recommended.
  • When you are lighting the torches and lanterns, with the Torch, during Campaign, be sure that you hit the torch and lantern directly.
    • You may need to crouch to hit some lanterns.
    • Conserve your stamina to swing the Torch.
    • Also be aware that some torches need to be lit in the spawn area. There is also a torch that is covered by rocks, so you will need a Pickaxe to destroy the rocks around it.
    • If you cannot find some lanterns or torches, the use the Tag Objective in the In-Game Store. Be aware that it will only show the locations of 15 unlit lanterns and torches.
      • You can also use Tag Objective to locate the NRGY Drink to give to Leeroy. Leeroy is located near the centre of the main towen.
  • When Leeroy is rushing towards the perimeter church gate, stay away from him as he explodes the gate. You will be left severely injured without the Flakvest if you get too close.
  • Before talking to the Priest, placing Disruptors around the surrounding area. This will force the zombies to spawn far away from the church preventing the door next to the Priest from getting destroyed.
  • When escaping, be prepared for hoards of zombies near the exit of the church or the path towards the Helicopter.
  • While inside the church, be aware of Tickers, Brutes and Swarmers that can severely harm your teammates and the Priest door.
  • The best weapons for this map are the Flamethrower, Splashy Washy, RPG and Tri-Blaster as hordes frequently appear on this map. These weapons can effortlessly clean up, or take out a large chunk of the hordes.
  • Avoid killing too many zombies, as once the Skull Champion spawns in, you and your team are likely gonna die or fail the mission due to the relatively small area around the church.


  • Beating this map's Campaign earns you a badge. You can get this badge on private VIP Servers, at any player count.
    • This is the first map in R2DA to do so (if boss maps are not counted).
    • In R2D 2014, this map also rewarded a badge upon completion.
      • This is likely due to the immense difficulty of this map.
  • This is a returning map from R2D 2014.
  • This map, as well as its name, is based on the map Buried from Call of Duty: Black Ops II.
  • The Hammer, M939 and Van are banned on this map.
    • This is likely to prevent making the Priest unreachable to zombies and to prevent people from blocking off the spawn area.
  • The derailed train that appears on this map is one of the trains that can be found in Outskirts.
  • Even if you are in a VIP Server that has disabled AI Infecteds, they will still spawn in large quantities when you are protecting the Priest.
    • They do not spawn after you have grabbed the Key or before you start defending the Priest, if AI Infecteds are disabled.
  • During v1.5.0 & v1.5.1, zombies would spawn on top of the map and objectives would not show up.