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"I sure do like a chungus reincarnated into a weapon."


Bunny is a limited-edition skin series made for the Summer Event 2020. They cannot be found in normal Skincrates. You can only receive these within specific crates, the Bunny Skincrate, which are purchasable for 450 Tickets. The skin will change the firing sound for some weapons.

It mainly features the colours pink, white and grey, with bunny ears and carrots.


  • This Bunny skin is similar to the Batwing skins in that the skins have additional meshes protruding from the weapon.
  • The third event skin to alter the firing sound of some guns.
Steyr M - Bunny.png
Colt Python - Bunny.png
P90 - Bunny.png
DB Shotgun - Bunny.png
Minigun - Bunny.png
M249 - Bunny.png
Steyr M Colt Python P90 DB Shotgun Minigun M249
Katana - Bunny.png
Leadpipe - Bunny.png
Shovel - Bunny.png
Peacemakers - Bunny.png
AK-47M - Bunny.png
M16A1 - Bunny.png
Katana Leadpipe Shovel Peacemaker AK-47 M16A1
Barrett 50 Cal. - Bunny.png
Rambo - Bunny.png
Karambit - Bunny.png
CK Swat - Bunny.png
Wingmaster - Bunny.png
Dragunov - Bunny.png
Barrett 50 Cal. Rambo Knife Karambit CK Swat Wingmaster 870 Dragunov
Spas-12 - Bunny.png
Thompson - Bunny.png
Flamethrower - Bunny.png
Mini Uzis - Bunny.png
HK416 - Bunny.png
Toy Sword - Bunny.png
Spas-12 M1A1 Thompson Flamethrower Mini Uzis HK416 Toy Sword
M93R - Bunny.png
Luger P08 - Bunny.png
Shotty 12 - Bunny.png
R700 - Bunny.png
Winchester - Bunny.png
Tri-Blaster - Bunny.png
M93R Luger P08 Shotty 12 Remington 700 Winchester Tri-Blaster
Chinalake - Bunny.png
SCAR-H - Bunny.png
Famas - Bunny.png
Fireaxe - Bunny.png
Baseball Bat - Bunny.png
Chainsaw - Bunny.png
Chinalake SCAR-H Famas Axe Baseball Bat Chainsaw
RPG - Bunny.png
FATAL5 - Bunny.png
Tinpot - Bunny.png
AK-47 - Bunny.png